Nerd Riddles

Little low on time to write today, but I whipped off some of my favorite things!

First person to get all three correctly gets respect.

Riddle 1

I haven’t a clue
What time is to you
I’m far too fast
To know time has passed

Riddle 2

Though short in range, they say I’m strong,
Making small things get along.
And thanks to me, the sky is lit
At night, at least a little bit

Riddle 3

A cosmic transmitter,
I’m not, though may seem it
A regular jitter
Of wavelengths, I beam it

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36 Responses to Nerd Riddles

  1. Jason says:

    I’ll take light for $200 alex. and or ninjas

  2. Peter Smith says:

    1: A photon.
    2: The strong atomic force.
    3: Not so sure about this…I’m guessing either a pulsar, or the entire electromagnetic spectrum. That’s the best my puny musician education can manage!

  3. s7stalker says:

    Riddle 1 is a neutrino maybe?

  4. sandchigger says:

    1. A tachyon
    2. The weak force
    3. A pulsar

  5. Amelia says:

    Is this first light, and the second gluons?

  6. Kenny says:

    1. Photons (time elapsed in a photon’s frame is always 0)

    2. Gluons (mediating the short-range strong force)

    Not sure on the third one- will have to think on it…

  7. Zing says:

    What are photons!?

  8. Jack Scanlan says:

    Dammit, I don’t know the third one, but I’ve got the first two…

  9. guifig says:

    Light, Gravitational Force, and… ?

  10. 1) photon?
    2) weak nuclear force?
    3) pulsar?

  11. John says:

    I’m gonna go with quantum entanglement, the strong nuclear force, and a pulsar, respectively.

  12. RyanXMD says:

    vaan der Waals force
    black hole for $10000

  13. infotangent says:

    1. Light
    2. Strong Nuclear Force
    3. Pulsar?

  14. Captain Obvious says:


  15. ZachWeiner says:

    Holy cripes, that was fast. I’m gonna give it 30 more minutes so everyone has a chance to guess, then post answers.

    Hint: It’s not penis, penis, and penis.

  16. TF says:

    Light, covalent bonds and more or less a shot in the dark but electromagnetic radiation? orz

  17. Adam says:

    3 is luminiferous aether? (“I’m not, though may seem it”)

  18. TF says:

    Oh and by light I mean a photon, it’s too early.

  19. Jeremy says:

    1. Light
    2. Strong Atomic Force
    3. The sun

  20. jeremy says:

    1. light
    2. strong nuclear force
    3. the sun

  21. Telanis says:

    1. Light / photon
    2. Strong nuclear force
    3. A pulsar

  22. Timothy says:

    1. A tachyon
    2. ?
    3. Pulsar fo shure.

  23. ZachWeiner says:

    Either Peter Smith or Infotangent got it, depending on how confident Peter was in his third answer :)

  24. Peter Smith says:

    Woo! (sort of!)

    Thanks Zach! You’ll have to do more!

  25. J-Money says:

    1. A man with PE
    2. The light on the garage my roommate always leaves on
    3. The light atop the TARDIS

    • Snacky says:

      I’m pretty sure that the TARDIS light is purely for “hey idiot don’t get near me”. I don’t think it has any real purpose.

      Feel free to prove me wrong, it’s late at night and I need sleep.

  26. Billy says:

    i was gonna say Dr. Phil

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  28. Rick says:

    I’m slightly confused about the 2nd one.
    I understand the first line gives a big clue that the answer is the Strong Nuclear force. But then these lines makes it confusing:

    “And thanks to me, the sky is lit
    At night, at least a little bit”

    What does the strong nuclear force have to do with this? Apart from keeping the particles together and forming atoms to allow for anything to occur, does the strong nuclear force add something else on its own? Otherwise it seems you could have said anything is possible thanks to the strong nuclear force.
    Or is this line more in reference to the color charges between the quarks?

  29. Jason says:

    Whatever happened to the mathroom blog?

  30. RyanXMD says:

    Whatever happened to Hoom?

    • ZachWeiner says:

      My life got less dramatic…

      But, a lot of the ideas from hoom (long comics, narrating a story, talking personally to the reader) got rolled into SMBC. So, it looks on in spirit.

  31. Stalker says:

    Light, Light, Light.

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