A Followup

Perhaps related to my recent post on helping artists, I got a great email today:

Dear Zach,

I received some comments on a page of mine where it said ‘STOLEN from http://www.smbc-comics.com/‘ on http://www.funzors.com/media/condom-explosion-151/ would you like me to delete the content and/or give a link to your site? I will me much obliged (by the time you read this I will probably have put a link there. The BBcode is not yet working in the description so it will not be a working link as of yet. (Custom built system.)

Always happy to support original content,

Harro van der Kroft
Admin of www.funzors.com

That’s exactly how it should work! You see a comic in the wild, you tell the admin that it’s stolen from somewhere, and the admin gets in touch with the artist.

Mr. van der Kroft will be putting up a link to SMBC on that page, and there shall be much rejoicing.

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  1. Had to go into my code to change that one actually. It has been changed. No problem Zach.

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