Geek Celebrity Clerihews

Geek Celebrity Clerihews:

Randall Patrick Munroe
Worked at NASA a few years ago
Now jokes pay for his place
So he has a great deal more of space

Richard William Wheaton III
Though once was down, was not deterred.
His career in these days is much lusher
For his blog was a typecasting crusher

Kathryn Felicia Day
Is a dork and we like her that way
For geeks rip their celebs into particles
(Unless they’re the genuine articles)

Philip Cary Plait
Is a ginger (or, was at some date)
But still, we all think he is neato
For his head has enormous albedo

Stephen Gary Wozniak
Phreaking phones long before you could hack
He isn’t Steve Jobs, he’s quite a bit more
The computer community’s Dumbledore

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4 Responses to Geek Celebrity Clerihews

  1. Westicle says:


    I will say that I’m a bit worried that the 2-4 posts per day might exhaust your material too quickly, unless you have that many inspiring little quirky thoughts every day. Then I’d have to say I’m a bit envious.

    Regardless, this is fantastic. And I learned a few more things in the process.

  2. Vern Morrison says:

    Zack Weiner
    (Than whom none are keener)
    Provides geeks with satire and glee
    Through the theater and comics of SMBC.

  3. Vern Morrison says:

    Or, if you prefer:

    Zack Weinersmith
    (Who calls himself Weiner for reasons of pith)
    Provides geeks with satire and glee
    Through the theater and comics of SMBC.

  4. DreamTheEndless says:

    I just had the awesomest idea ever hatched, inspired by this very post… Please please PLEASE invite Felicia Day to guest star in one of your videos. Please?

    That’s all.

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