Science! #0

Hey geeks!

By now, you’ve probably read about the change we’re making at SMBC Theater. If not, please go give it a look.

SMBC Theater has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. The one significant downside for me (what’s the opposite of a silver lining? Aqua Fortis lining?) was that I had to sigcut back on my sciencing. In the past week, I’ve some of that time back, and started to get back into things.

Unfortunately, I find a lot of my skills and knowledge are a bit rusty. And, since some of the earliest stuff was learned while I still didn’t even know derivatives, I’ve got a lot of gaps in my knowledge.

So, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. I’m gonna start going through my old physics, math, and programming stuff, and build my nerd-brain from the ground up. To keep myself honest, and to keep you geeks entertained, I’ll be blogging each section as I go. I’ll try to explain the new concepts while keeping it fun and describing my person reactions, thoughts, insights, and filthy jokes.

That reminds me, did you know that my penis is a vector derivative? It has magnitude, erection, and instantaneous turgidity.

My goal is to procede from basic mechanics, simple programs, and calc 1 all the way to graduate level physics knowledge. It may take as long as five years or more, but it should be fun and enlightening.

That reminds me. Did you hear about the two lady quantum physicists and their male post-doc? They made him perform a double slit experiment.

I’ll be relying on you guys to correct me when I’m wrong, and keep me posting when I’m flakey. I’ll also be using Khan Academy to get me through tougher concepts, and perhaps even put up a few videos of my own. I hope you’ll all follow along, and perhaps join me in my autodidactic quest!

Here’s to geekdom!





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10 Responses to Science! #0

  1. woomobile says:

    Hey, we’re practically doing the same thing. I’m going into college in September to double major in physics and comp sci. Except my education will cost thousands of dollars and yours will be practically free…

  2. david says:

    what happened to the ‘So You Wanna Be A Webcartoonist’ and ‘A Thing or Two’ series?
    do you expect to contiue with anything you write on this blog?

  3. JD says:

    Ditto to woomobile, and I look forward to following your continuing journey of nerdy science goodness.

  4. kitukwfyer says:

    Awesome. I’m double-majoring in math and linguistics (plus a couple of language minors plus Honors plus blah blah, ain’t I so smart…DX), which makes graduating in four years impossible unless I basically take no electives at all….Not that that guarantees anything…..Of course I *intend* to do some self-study of computer science and keep going with the physics stuff I did for gen ed requirements, but knowing me, and my hoped-for course-loads over the next few years, it’ll be one of those things I keep putting off until “next” weekend. Whenever that is.

    Your updates on your own efforts will definitely increase my guilt over being hopelessly lazy, which, needless to say, directly correlates with the likelihood of my actually doing as I intend. Let the guilt-trip begin!!! :)

  5. Rick says:

    I very much look forward to reading your adventures in autodidactism.
    I personally am a recently graduated Mechanical Engineer with a minor in both physics and mathematics, so I will definitely be keeping up and filling you in on where you’re making mistakes :P
    I’ve been meaning to engage in a similar venture myself since finding work is proving to be very difficult considering the state of the economy. I had wanted to go through the Richard Feynman Lectures on Physics books and seeing your post has given me the impetus to finally take it on.

    Thanks Zach :)

  6. JackStoneS says:

    Cool idea. It would be interesting to see how much I can actually remember from my maths classes

  7. Evan says:

    First off, easily the best “double-slit experiment” joke I’ve heard.

    Second, just curious, what are you science goals? To just…know science? Is Newtonian Mechanics as important as relativity and quantum mechanics, or do you just see these things as the canonical path with institutional momentum? Or are your (at least Physics) goals to understand general relativity and quantum mechanics (maybe quantum field theory), and then you can pretty much go on from there to any cutting edge physics (crazy multiverse cosmology, topological defects, bubbles of nothing, what have you)?

    I’m a physics Ph.D. candidate, who loves the subject, and have thoroughly enjoyed your artistic pursuits, so in whatever limited capacity, I’m here to help :)

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  9. For when you get to SR in modern physics:

    There once was a gigolo named Fisk,
    Who’s thrust was exceedingly brisk.
    So fast was his action,
    That the Lorentz (Fitzgerald) contraction
    reduced his dick to a disk.


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