N.O.M. N.O.M. N.O.M.

Around 9 this morning I got messaged by a few twitter followers that a group called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) had posted a comic of mine. This was the comic, which was in no way conceived of or related to gay rights issues.

NOM is a group whose major function is lobbying against gay marriage. They were made notorious for this video. They seem to have construed the comic to have some stance in favor of traditional sexuality. Apparently they don’t read my comics regularly.

My first response was to ask my followers to post some ascii dicks to their comment board. Unfortunately, they moderate their comments there. Then, someone told me that they had hotlinked the image. In case you’re not aware, “hotlinking” means the image they display is accessed directly from my database. That is, whatever image their computer requests from my computer, their computer gets.

This presented an opportunity.

I messaged my brother/webguru Marty Weiner, who sprung into action. He worked on figuring out how to change the image without affecting the SMBC main page while I worked on finding an image. My initial idea was to post some dirty pictures, but I figured I could get more traction if I went the classy route.

I settled on a rainbow flag and a quote. At first, I considered using a Harvey Milk quote, but I decided to go with someone I could only assume NOM favors: Mr. Thomas Jefferson.

The moment it went live, I encouraged my readers to check it out and get screencaps before the post went down. This had the unfortunate (though amusing) side effect of wanging their site. In case you’re not aware, “wanging” is when too many users try to access a server at once, causing it to slow down or shut down. So, their site crashed almost immediately.

BUT, not before I (and several others) got screenshots.

Pretty cool, eh?

And, since I’m already on my soap box, I want to add: There seems to be this idea out there that action through the Internet has no important effect. Even people I really respect, like Jon Stewart, promote this idea. Well, today, I probably got a message of equality to over 100,000 people, among them members of the other side. This generation fights in a new way, but we fight just as hard.


PS: Thanks to everyone who helped promote this. Marty and I mostly did it for fun, but were pleased to see it struck a chord with so many people.

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456 Responses to N.O.M. N.O.M. N.O.M.

  1. Awesome job Zach, good idea going the classy route.

  2. John Jacques says:

    Good on you, man, good on you!

  3. Blake says:

    I applaud your actions sir.

  4. margaret says:

    Job well done!

  5. scottcaraway says:

    love. and so glad you opted to send this much more powerful message! great work.

  6. Sadnem says:

    +1 to what Chris said, you did great and going for the classy route was indeed a better idea (Although I have to admit that some dirty pictures would ahve also been hilarious)

    P.S: I’m sure thay are still moderating dick comments.

  7. Nuke says:

    Thank you, Zach! <3

  8. Michael says:

    And the really important bit about this instance is that you didn’t illegally hack their site. You took advantage of their stealing your content. That makes it even better.

    • Yes yes YES!! A classy and clever action. Well done.

    • Lee says:

      Exactly. They can’t complain, because *they* were stealing from *you* in the first place! My partner has a website for his business, and has occasionally encountered hot-linkers; he uses a version of the same tactic in response, replacing the original image with an animated GIF that cycles between the image and the message of “This image stolen from [his website]“.

    • Hess says:

      It’s so cute when late adopters don’t know how to use the Internet.

  9. lys says:

    Weiner sprung into action… nice.

  10. meh says:


    (we <3 you zach)

  11. Kevin says:

    So awesome, Zach!

  12. arensb says:

    You win all the internets.

    Out of curiosity (and this is more a question for Marty than for Zach), how was this done? I assume it involved either a mod_rewrite hack that looks at the request referer (sic), or just changing the URL of the image at smbc-comics.com, and letting nomblog.com continue linking to the old image.

  13. Joshua Susewitz says:

    Call me thick, but I don’t get why this organisation would post that specific comic on their website. I don’t get how it coincides with their viewpoint as it is obviously a parody.
    Someone please clear this up for me?

    I’m very impressed though, well done old chap.

    • MrsDragon says:

      As near as I can guess: Because gay marriage is undermining good old traditional values like “family” and “marriage” and “procreation”. And if gay people are allowed to get married than no one will marry the opposite gender and the human race will be forced to grow the next generation in petri dishes.

      Because, obviously, no one would be straight if they could “choose” to be gay.

      In brief: logic, they have none.

      • Joe Buck says:

        I think that the reason this thought seems to persist among the anti-gay campaigners is that some of the most militant are repressing/loathing their own sexuality. They are trying as hard as they can to choose not to be gay, and experience it as a strong temptation. They aren’t straight. Maybe they think that no one else is straight either, that the same gender is a more attractive choice to many, and only preaching, laws, and damnation can save the human race from sin and extinction.

        • person says:

          Indeed. Methinks they doth protest too much…some of them are so far back in the closet they’re practically in Narnia.

          • beinggayiscool says:

            Right, and racist black people actually wish they were white. You’ve had so many cocks rammed up your ass that when you open your mouth shit comes out. That is totally ridiculous, you watch too much gay fantasy programming. Of course there are many people in the closet, and some of them may try hard to stay there, but to assume that gay bashers are doing so because they are ashamed to be gay is nonsense.

          • person says:

            Sounds like someone got offended. Did I hurt your poo’ widdle homophobe feelings?

          • troll in the dungeon says:

            @beinggayiscool – It’s just so cute when trolls first start out. Isn’t it past your bedtime, young man? Hush now; the grownups are trying to have a talk.

          • VVarlock says:

            I think we should push the term ‘Narnian’ for any significantly fundy homophobe who turns out to be gay.

            Usage: “Didn’t you know that Narnian Ted Haggard is trying to start another church?”
            Or, “Christine O’Donnell is so anti-sex you KNOW she has to be a Narnian.”

          • G'orzak says:

            Well, beinggayiscool does have a point, in that a lot of people seem to have the idea in their heads that all gaybashers are secretly gay themselves, which isn’t really supported by evidence.

          • scyllacat says:

            It’s true that it’s not substantiated that homophobes are gay; however, their logic (that gay marriage undermines families, etc.) WOULD seem to point to the idea that if gay marriage is legal, people somehow would stop valuing their heterosexual family units… thus, their liking the cartoon.

            On the other hand, the great majority of attempts to describe the feelings and motivations of other people are revealing of the speaker, so it depends, I suppose, on WHAT specifically the homophobe hates about teh gays.

            I’ll leave that as an exercise for the rest of you.

    • richard schumacher says:

      Reactionaries have trouble recognizing parody, or indeed fiction generally. Consider what other things they think are literally true.

      • Eikinkloster says:

        Subversives on the other hand seem to be oblivious to the fact that they can suffer subversion themselves. For instance: Laibach uses authoritarian imageries as a form of parody. These parodies still are sufficiently cool to be used as pro-authoritarian imageries themselves, and they have been consiously used in that way already.

        If I were at NOM, I would have also used Zach’s comic to illustrate a reactionary point. It’s no rocket science: Zach is siding against the old geezer portraied there, NOM is siding with him.

        • Tyrza says:

          What siding, exactly, is Zach doing here? Because I didn’t see that comic as “siding” with anything. Which was kind of the point, as far as I could tell.

          • Jen says:

            Agreed. No siding here!

            The same technology inferred to in this comic would also be used to help heterosexual couples that are infertile have children also, or to wipe diseases out of the gene pool, etc.

            This isn’t about gay marriage eradicating heterosexuals. This is about technology getting so out of hand that then natural functions are barely remembered, which is hilarious. :)

    • ricemom13 says:

      Most likely, since this is a traditional-values group, they are responding to the use of the term “baby” for the contents of a womb, a locution that normally causes pro-choice types to foam at the mouth.

  14. Trevor M says:

    You sir, are a WINNER!

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  16. Grocer says:

    That is awesome, two thumbs up!

    I thought that was a good, old-fashioned slashdotting…or is that not part of the internet lexicon anymore?

    • Yes to “Weiner Wins the Internet.”

      And I agree we don’t need a meaningless verb for slashdotting.

    • tim says:

      The way I understand it, Slashdotting is from slashdot, Wanging is from Penny Arcade, and Farking is from Fark, but they all mean the same thing. We should have one non-sitespecific verb, but I’m useless for suggestions… Maybe we should use “to stevens” ?? As in The Tubes guy, Ted Stevens.

      Aawww man, my blog got stevensed today.

  17. Alex C. says:

    Dude, thank you. I mean this sincerely. Thank you.

  18. Sam Orchard says:

    Thank you soooo much for doing this! You officially win the awesomesauce award for the day!

  19. ntoast says:

    Simply incredible.

  20. F. Moya says:

    Out-freaking-standing. In their medieval, ass-backwards, hating, second-class-citizenship-championeering FACE!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    • ayoM .F says:

      Ah, yes, another classic bandwagon jumper — finding yet another opportunity to channel his feelings of inadequacy and impotence into hatred for someone else. I’d wager this one has at best a superficial understanding of the issue, yet he’s its fiercest self-styled defender. (At least until something good comes on TV.)

      Keep fighting the good fight.

      • Michael says:

        I don’t think you have any way of judging F. Moya’s sincerity. In fact, between the two comments, yours seems way more hateful. Stop being a dick.

        • ayoM .F says:

          “Hateful” does not mean “I hate what you say”. Unfortunately.

          • Kari says:

            “finding yet another opportunity to channel his feelings of inadequacy and impotence into hatred for someone else. I’d wager this one has at best a superficial understanding of the issue, yet he’s its fiercest self-styled defender. (At least until something good comes on TV.)”

            You do realize you did what was accused just after accusing it right? Plus your monologued observation can be interpreted as self-directed if you read it face blank. Freud would love you.

          • ayoM .F says:

            Psych 101 troll failed Psych 101.

          • Jose says:

            No, douchebag, hateful means full of hate. Like your disgusting, hateful trolling.

      • trololol says:

        Obvious troll is obvious.

      • person says:

        I detect a butthurt NOMer. You mad?

  21. Robb says:

    You stay classy, Zach Weiner. Easily the right choice in lieu of ASCII dicks!

  22. Mark says:

    I am very proud to be your manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Christopher Ambler says:

    Most excellent! A couple years ago, NOM announced their “Two Million For Marriage” campaign, which they abbreviated “2M4M” … the only problem was that they failed to get the obvious domain name.

    So I did.

    The site, which NOM helped promote for about a week, was a pro-equality site that got, over the two months that it was in the news, more activity than NOM’s own site.

    Just in a day’s work ;)

    • ZachWeiner says:

      Ha! Brilliant!

    • Nathan says:

      I’m also moderately sure that 2M4M is (or at least used to be) classified shorthand for “two men for men” i.e. a gay couple wants a third partner to spice things up.

      • Christopher Ambler says:

        Indeed, as I also learned! Nobody claimed that the NOM folk were bright. In fact, their constant missteps often make me wonder if they are the anti-gay equivalent of “The Onion.” They parody themselves so well.

        • p says:

          “They parody themselves so well.”

          Yeah, this seems to be a case of Poe’s Law: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”

  24. Tom Sexton says:

    That’s pretty epic.

  25. Ruth says:

    This is fantastic. Comics ftw!

  26. Anise says:

    This is fantastic, and I was more than happy to spread the word. The flag and quote was super classy, and worked well because they posted your comic with pretty much no explanation.

    I agree with internet mobilization. Although I think after what we’ve seen in Egypt, and Canada pretty much killing Usage Based Internet Billing in 48 hours, the internet showing itself as not something to pass off anymore.

  27. Jack Yan says:

    Ooh, too good! I have been tempted to do the switcheroo on numerous occasions when people pirate my stuff.

  28. AmericanLink says:

    I would have loved to see the reactions!

    Nice job on this, though. :D

  29. Marcus says:

    You, sir, are doing God’s work…or at least way more than any NOM affiliate ever could.

  30. F. Fox says:

    Pwnage is pwnage, but classy pwnage is just epic win. :o)

    Tweeted a link to this, with my own little spin.

    Also saved the flag graphic – even without the pwnage episode, it’s a nice combination (with the quote).

  31. Crystal says:

    Thumbs up good sir. When I get to a computer, we’re posting this on our Facebook page.

  32. Katie says:

    As well as being completely hilarious, this is so touching. You’re a classy man, Zach.

  33. Nathan says:

    You’re amazing! Especially since you knocked the site down at the same time. ^.^

  34. Gerald says:

    They may have noticed…

    Trying to access the websites now gives:
    “Please excuse the delay as we undergo maintenance. Please check back later. Thank you.”

  35. Sylphon says:

    I wonder if they’ll claim they were hacked. That seems to be the norm when someone uses technology against someone else. *heh*

    • person says:

      Yeah, I just can’t wait to see the spin they try to put on this to save face…gay terrorist hackers on steroids, maybe?

      • Prodigialis says:

        “we were atacked by pro-choice, gay married muslims from canada”
        along those lines

        • The Doctor says:

          Somebody needs to impersonate those jokers and run just such a line to lampoon them still further.

          • person says:

            The problem is if you make a parody group, they won’t get the joke at all and just offer to join forces. Reactionaries and extremists tend to be lacking in the self-awareness and humor categories.

          • Amy says:

            This is a problem? I’m pretty sure I can’t think of anything funnier, or more discrediting, than NOM or a similar organization attempting to join forces with a website dedicated to parodying them.

          • Kamrom says:

            I think the bigger problem is that they’re so hard to parody. I mean think about it, they make such colossal fools of themselves every time they speak. I mean, how do you parody “Gays are destroying my marraige” better than the video that clearly shows the person saying it has a bad marraige because he’s a loud hateful blowhard who refuses to accept that anything bad is his fault.

  36. Nathan says:

    That is absolutely fantastic, I’m definitely sending this post around.

  37. Benny Jammin says:

    I applaud you, good sir. Your work is a great deed in the face of adversity. Keep up your fantastic strip!

  38. Heather says:

    I’ve loved your comic for years, but this makes me love you. In a non-creepy way, of course. …Mostly.

  39. Jim says:

    Heck ya. Nice quote, too.

  40. anonymous says:

    The reason your cartoon was used by NOM was because to Christians, marriage is the biblical label given to the natural bond (as seen in intercourse) between and man and a woman.

    I wish each side would take the time to understand the roots of the other. Obviously, there are two very different thought processes behind this issue and I think both sides would be pleasantly surprised to find that neither stance is founded on hate.

    • A reader says:

      The reason your cartoon was used by NOM was because to Christians, marriage is the biblical label given to the natural bond (as seen in intercourse) between and man and a woman.

      And this is arrant – and arrogant – nonsense. What right do Christians have to claim marriage as all their own? Do they claim that non-Christians can’t get married, or that their marriages aren’t valid? What about Jews, Muslims, Hindus and so on who marry? What right do Christians have to dictate who can and can’t marry?

      In any case, none of that excuses NOM posting the artist’s cartoon on their website without asking permission. The fact that the cartoon was used to support a cause the artist himself does not support simply adds insult to injury. NOM is lucky he didn’t go straight to his lawyer.

      • Gimpy says:

        Do they claim that non-Christians can’t get married, or that their marriages aren’t valid? What about Jews, Muslims, Hindus and so on who marry? What right do Christians have to dictate who can and can’t marry?

        In regards to this most Christians won’t try to stop non-Christians from getting married, but I’ve encountered many that any marriage that is not Christian (and maybe Jewish) and thus done under the eyes of God is not a “real” marriage.

        It’s stupid, yes, but nobody ever expected the extremists who hold those views to make sense. :P

      • The Doctor says:

        Do they claim that non-Christians can’t get married, or that their marriages aren’t valid?

        Depends on the state. My partner and I got married in Pennsylvania a few years ago, and we had a hell of a time getting a marriage license. An uncommonly high number of offices in a state with a lot of Quakers apparently never heard of a Quaker license…

        NOM is lucky he didn’t go straight to his lawyer.

        NOM probably has the legal firepower to defend themselves. They’ve got quite a bit of money in their coffers.

        • Rachel says:

          “The reason your cartoon was used by NOM was because to Christians, marriage is the biblical label given to the natural bond (as seen in intercourse) between and man and a woman.”

          I think anonymous was just attempting to inform about the generic “Christian” point of view (which is itself a massive generalization because Christian is a category which includes dozens of individual religions. But everyone makes that mistake, so I’ll let it go.)

          Anyways I give points for trying to explain/understand the other side. I think the sad thing is that most people aren’t evil/hateful deep down. I hate saying I think people are “ignorant” because it is SO arrogant, but I really do think ignorance is a bigger problem than hate in this issue. Or maybe just very powerful crazy people pulling everyone else’s strings.

          Because I’ve never heard an anti-gay-marriage argument that holds an ounce of reason, and I went through 9 years of Catholic schooling.

          In other news, Zack you rock my socks off.

          • Red the Fister says:

            “But everyone makes that mistake, so I’ll let it go.”

            the only thing you typed that i can’t agree with, sorry.
            just because “everyone fucks up” doesn’t mean that they somehow managed to be right.

            mass delusions/ignorance are, as my experience has taught me, the most dangerous kind.

            not a christian of any stripe. i’m a proud Heathen!

    • moi says:

      Last time I checked, NOM and their backward definition of marriage doesn’t speak for all Christians, so don’t go writing their bigotry off on the grounds of not understanding their beliefs. They don’t speak for me, and there are many other Christians who they don’t speak for either. Their view of marriage isn’t from the Bible, it’s some romanticized view of a past that never was.

      I don’t particularly appreciate the fact that NOM is co-opting my faith as an excuse to take away my rights.

    • Diane says:

      Do you really find it so hard to believe that we could understand and still disagree, vehemently? I understand what racists feel, and the things that have shaped their feelings, but they’re still racists and I’ll still call them out. NOM doesn’t deserve to get treated any differently than that.

    • Griff says:

      Are you really that clueless? I guess you must be, “anonymous.” There is no “understanding” bigotry – it doesn’t deserve it. I don’t care how precious your belief system is to you, it still doesn’t justify bigotry. Period. End of story.

      And NOM is just a group of bigots screaming out their hate. No other way to see it.

  41. Summer says:

    That is amazing, just went to their site, and saw they are “undergoing maintenance”, lol. Can’t wait to see what their reaction will be, especially since you didn’t hack, they were stealing your work :)

  42. Jaime says:

    Truly an inspiration for us all.

    Thank you so much for standing up for us.

  43. Prodigialis says:

    Zach, Marty… i love you!
    i like tha fact that you took the classy route
    and also thay take the internet to comunicate their ideas, what else to do but to counter tham with the same tools they used, two way blade.

  44. Jack says:

    Great work, Zach.

    By the way, their site is back up now as of 7pm PST, with the rainbow and Jefferson quote still intact.

  45. Summer says:

    Nevermind, it’s back up, you might want to change the picture again, since they’re using the comic again.

  46. Maximus Lattimore says:

    It’s obvious that NOM knows nothing about marriage because if they did then they would know that sex and marriage has nothing to do with each other. :)

  47. ryan says:

    +1 to everything. you are awsome

  48. corey says:

    Bravo. This deserves a medal of honor. Nice work.

  49. Neila says:

    They somehow got the old man cartoon back on their blog! D:
    I think they may be linking to the other image you have of it up! D: I’d replace both with the flag

  50. John B. says:

    NOM has a penchant for using other people’s creative work for their own anti-gay purposes–without permission, of course. It’s good to see their own practices bite them in the ass. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  52. Telanis says:

    Thank you Zach.

  53. Mark says:

    Awsome! Thanks Zach. It is bad enough when people steal your work, but even worse if they try to use it to support a cause that you don’t believe. Thanks for getting people talking and supporting people’s rights.

  54. Dennis Veite says:

    Dude, you make me proud to be a geek. Thank you.

  55. Jason says:

    Zach, you are an Internet superstar! :D

  56. James Riot says:

    Well played, sir. A classy response to some very un-classy people.

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  58. Chris says:

    NOM still has your comic up, and they’re pretty stupid too (that’s understood, but still). It’s still hotlinked: http://www.smbc-comics.com/comics/20110203.gif

  59. Ana says:

    As of right now, the old comic is still up… They must have html-ed it…

  60. Patrick Hogan says:

    Love this. A lot.

    I’ve liked your comic for quite a while, but this makes me love it all the more!

    Also, thank you for going the classy route — it takes an effort to stay classy when dealing with certain folks, but it makes it all the sweeter when their complaints are even less based in reality than usual.

  61. Neila says:

    Zach you’re wonderful! :D I just saw the flag on the NOM blog!

    D: But they’ve now hot linked the comic again.

    Can you do a cease and desist order with them? It seems they’re using your work without permission, that’s not legal is it?

  62. Brian says:


  63. Vincent says:

    This made my day.

    Thank you.

  64. Elizabeth J. Myers says:

    All I can say is thank you. This was a wonderful move. As someone who is bisexual, this means a lot to me.

    You deserve a few internets for this. ^_^

  65. Dwayne says:

    very classy and a well chosen quote. Well done.

  66. Jim Wright says:

    Personally, I’d probably be flattered if you posted ASCII dicks on my site. Just saying ;)

    Well done.

  67. faddah says:

    as of 10:47 pm PDT this eve, the nomblog.com site is _still_ down for maintenance.

    good on yer, sir!

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  69. jsalomon says:

    As of 11:26pm Pacific time, their site is back up with the proper image :(

    You should fix that :)

    • elbruce says:

      Yeah, it’s got the correct image, and according to their html they’re hosting it at:


      Which means they’re now actually violating your copyright.

    • Tasty Salamanders says:

      Yeah, they are mirroring it now as opposed to hotlinking it. I thought they would have just taken it down after this fiasco instead of mirroring but it seems I was wrong.
      So yeah I guess the only thing Zach can do now is contact them and ask them to take it down or send them a nasty letter, or he can let them keep it there but if I was him I doubt I would want that.

    • Trisha Lynn says:

      Alas, I don’t think they can. It sounds like they took the image, saved it and uploaded it to their own servers without attribution.

      Which makes me think that maybe you can go after them for IP theft?

      • Clyph says:

        Yes, it is copyright infringement and it is actionable. Unfortunately, there is no small claims court for copyright infringement — you have to take it to Federal district court, which means hiring a lawyer who has been admitted to the Federal bar. I do not believe it’s possible to file a civil case pro se (represent yourself) in Federal court.

        It’s expensive to prosecute an infringement case, although if you did have the foresight to register your copyright before the infringement happened, the statutory damages are significant (up to $150,000 per work). If you did not register the copyright, you can only collect actual damages.

  70. Kilika says:

    Way to go, Zach! Nice move

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  72. Anon says:

    Keep it classy, Weinerbrothers

  73. Stratis says:

    Mr. Weiner, I salute you. This is a rare moment, one that is 100% win. You, sir, are a hero.

  74. Donn says:

    They’re no longer hotlinking. Shame.

  75. steffi says:

    friggin fabolous!!!!

  76. Amber Lynn says:

    That cartoon is makes me think of Huxley’s Brave New World, where everything is engineered and created in a lab/factory, including people. The idea of it being a reference to sexual orientation seems a stretch.

    • Heather A. W. says:

      I would think so too, but there are actually people out there that think the gays will take over and make natural baby-making illegal. I’m not making this shit up–they actually think that.

  77. Adam says:

    Yep, they copied the image and are hosting it on their server now.

  78. LQ says:

    They aren’t hotlinking it anymore :\ :(

  79. randomcommenter says:

    Unfortunately, what they’ve done now is place a copy of the image on their own server, so there’s no way to fix it.

  80. This is seriously the greatest use of this internet I’ve seen in some time. And the “slippery slope” comic you also linked is one I now use in arguments, and it is displayed proudly on my apartment door!

  81. Kyle says:

    Sadly, they have the image fixed now.

  82. RyuRabbit says:

    http://nomblog.com/4183/ <– just so you know, the htaccess patch for the hotlinking of NOM, it's down… comic's back.

  83. Tyler Sharp says:

    First off, Great job on the message-giving! That was an awesome way to combat people using your material for subject matter you don’t support.

    However, I wanna touch on the “action through the internet” because the subject coincidentally kept popping up today.

    I’m half of a Political Science major, so I ended a panel today of a few prominent political scientists and a guest of theirs that my University held today. The guest wasn’t a political scientist, he was somewhat of a journalist, but he was a web-guru and blog guy. I usually dislike these types, but this guy knew his “Web 2.0 Philosophy” so to speak.

    What I got was a very grounded, well-given argument and examples for the impact the web has on spreading of ideas (and had, particularly on Egypt). But the coffee-shop blogguy wasn’t a supporter, but a herald of caution.

    He called a lot of (violent) action in Egypt “Facebook Flash Mobs”, and he consistently referred to the initial protesters as “The Facebook Party”, and not even in a joking manner. The political scientists seemed to back him up, as if “The Facebook Party” was actually Poli-Sci jargon.

    The danger being that in the online world, the founding rhetoric is usually pretty well-structured and focused, but the “replies” and “fans” are not. What is yielded is a hodge-podge of people from all sorts of classes, who think they agree with each other emotionally, but once the initial fervor has dissipated, find themselves divided by education or social classes still, and breaking into disorganization. This means that there can be a dangerous amount of political change and political power from an incoherent, decentralized, ambivalent source that may be fit to give large demonstrations and hold large political power, but isn’t necessarily fit produce viable solutions. It’s a phenomenon that they can cause SO much but DO so little.

    Didn’t mean to hijack the thread; and in retrospect the ideas seem a bit elementary, but it was very interesting to hear these experts academically dissect a modern trend.

    So, yeah, I totes agree that the w3b is a formidable foray in the spread of ideas, but I don’t know if it should lead to the sort of “Flash Mob”s that it does.

  84. Ralok says:

    Sir the good lord reserves a special place in heaven for men of your greatness . . . they call it valhalla these days I think

    they used to call it joes crap shack though

  85. Patrick Hogan says:

    It looks like they’re hosting it on their own servers now:


    Sad. I left a polite-but-snarky comment about hotlinking (and a link to your comic about Slippery Slopes), but I’ll have to wait and see if it makes it past the censors…I mean, moderators…to be posted. So far, no mention on their site about the swap…

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  87. Einar says:

    They are hosting the image on their own server now, so Zach and his brother webguru can’t mess with it.

  88. David says:

    Looks like they copied your image to their server. Perhaps a little DMCA will help them understand the error of their ways?

  89. Some Weiner says:


    ASCII dicks. Take it or you’ll be forced to take it.

  90. Matty Matt Matt says:

    They are now hosting a copy of the image themselves.

    Something you may or may not have noticed… the person that saw it and linked it subscribes to your site. This is apparent if you look at the link back URL and the contents…
    I feel like reading SMBC and opposing gay marriage is very much a person opposed to himself?

  91. Phil L says:

    It appears that they have now DOWNLOADED the image and are hosting it themselves. In other words, they’ve stolen your work.

  92. Kristi B says:

    Bravo to you! I cant believe they would twist your work against you!

  93. Mr. Comic Relief says:

    Zach, you once told me (written on your dvd cover) that you loved me. For this gesture, I love you in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY that you love me. :{D

  94. Janice says:

    Hahahahaha!! Thank you! Thank you so much!

  95. puki says:

    Now it’s uploaded on their site.


    That’s stealing, right?

  96. Chris says:

    Thanks, Zach, that was really nice.

  97. StranaMente says:

    Oh, noes! they put your strip back again!
    How about a legal letter this time? Like a Cease and desist, or something?
    You know, like a big dick?

  98. Nikhil says:

    Wow, they are some serious dicks. Also, retarded idiots. They referred to themselves as a rainbow coalition.


    Well played, Weiner, well played. Please break their picture again?

  99. Derp says:

    They’ve rehosted the image on their own space:


  100. Federico says:

    Brilliant! Great work!

  101. a reader says:

    Sadly they re-uploaded the comic to their servers, so they can’t just change it with a redirect anymore. Pretty sure SMBC could take a legal route if they really wanted to, but it’s really more effort than N.O.M. will ever be worth.

    Read through the comments on their page. Every argument against gay marriage is just “Let’s take words out of context, make an unrelated point but state it as if it were, then accept it as truth because of the non existent relation!”. Sites like N.O.M.s used to make me pretty sick but at this point I kind of just frown at how ignorant they all are.

  102. Jake says:

    The blog is back, and they’ve now uploaded your comic to their own server :(. At this point, since you’re credited, I don’t know what steps you can take to have it removed. If you claim copyright perhaps, I don’t know what sort of license you distribute under. Jolly good show though, you are a man of solid character. Cheers.

  103. Zach says:

    Maybe the term “wanging” should be changed to “Weinering”?

  104. Cosmic Panda says:

    This is the best WIN ever!
    you are now my hero!

  105. David says:

    They have actually copied the image, so it may be time for a copyright take down notice of some sort.

    Here is the where they are storing the actual file.

    Or everyone could just download that file from their site.

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  107. josh says:

    actions on the internet has no effect? right. tell egypt that.

    great job, zach.

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  110. joe says:

    they are now hosting the cartoon themselves…….
    action should be taken.

  111. tdot says:

    Wow, awesome job, Zach.

    The site is up with the comic image again, and this time they’re actually hosting the image on their end, unfortunately.

  112. DonB says:

    They have the cartoon image now in their own image database, so you can’t hack it. However they still give you credit and text link. They obviously know SMBC’s opinion of them and gay marriage by now. I’d assume they must even know that their interpretation of this toon is wrong, yet they still post it. Odd.

  113. vavoo says:

    Zack, I want to gay-marry you!

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  115. Martin in Minnesota says:

    Excellent job and kudos for taking the higher road.

  116. Robin Burgess says:

    I think they uploaded a copy to their own website.

    Time for a cease and desist? :P

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  118. Ethan Livne says:

    Hi Zack.
    Way to go on thwarting the gaybashers.

    One thing though – these people used your image without permission for a cause you don’t support. Now I don’t know under what license you publish your comics, but can’t you force these people to take it down?

    BTW – they caught on and downloaded the original.

    Once more – Major judos on changing the image!

  119. Joe McJoe says:

    They’ve now copied your comic onto their server and are publishing it without your consent.

    Do you know a lawyer who’ll work on commission? Great excuse for a lawsuit.

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  121. Paul Wanger says:


  122. polinco says:

    penis no go butthole, poop come out only!

  123. wl says:

    Now they have stolen a copy of your work and hosted it them selves. Is your site copyrighted? I think it is time for a cease and desist order.

    Here is the new image location:


  124. Pingback: cosmic|techie » Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Hotlinks Trickery [Statements]

  125. Kris says:

    Pure awesomeness. Groups like NOM will realize their backward opinions will not be tolerated on the internet without reprisal.

  126. wl says:

    Since you freely invite people to use your work you’re SOL. Maybe you should add terms restricting use advocating anti choice points of view or to restrict outside hosting.

  127. Congrats on taking the high road! Well played.

  128. The Doctor says:

    Well played, sir. Well played. Thanks for taking a creative and amusing stand.

  129. mike says:

    Thumbs up. Nicely played, sir.

  130. Herb says:

    They are no longer hotlinking. They have stolen the image and placed it on their own server.

  131. Dan says:

    Nice one. Shame they have now uploaded the image on their own site though.

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  133. Geoff says:

    Thank you!

  134. GSL says:

    Copying the comic? Time to use a DMCA Takedown request for the forces of good!

  135. Jessica Naomi says:

    what you did got undone http://nomblog.com/page/2/

  136. Peter says:

    Well done, and an appropriate response to a group which seems uncomfortable when marriage is available to all.

    //proud (at least in this context) to be from Massachusetts

  137. D. says:

    Even small acts against bigotry move us in the right direction. Rad.

  138. Heh says:

    Good work. I just got why they got that meaning from it. Took me a while, and it had me shaking my head when I did. Honestly, all these groups serve to do is prove their ignorance about everything, not just what they are actively against. I guess they are probably incapable of even registering the fact that the joke is that people are grown in tubes, or whatever, because that is so completely against god’s will, too.

  139. Pingback: National Organization for Marriage: PUNK’D! « Talk About Equality

  140. Anonymous says:

    A winrar is you!

  141. latoya says:

    thats really neat..well done

  142. Lockien says:

    As others have said, copyright infringement! Hit them with a DCMA takedown request.

  143. A says:

    Hey did anybody think to mention that they’re now hosting the image themselves? Or that Zach should C&D them?

    A less classy route would be to hotlink the image off of their server and post it, oh, everywhere you can. Turnabout being fair play and all that.

  144. Bibb says:

    Now NOM has simply stolen the image and is hosting it on its own server:


  145. The Maggie says:

    Um. I think i love you. :)

    Rock on.

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  147. wl says:

    Part of the problem with managed blog posts, everybody said the same thimg and created an echo backlog. But the point is that since Zach freely invites people to use his work (admirable) on blogs etc. he can’t take any action. He would need to first add terms to his invitation to use his work that would restrict it from inappropriate usage like NOM, send out notices informing users of the change in terms then do a cease and desist order.

    • LMack says:

      I’m not an expert, but I have read up some on copyright law, and from what I gather, if you hold the copyright (which you do, automatically and without any further actions as the creator of your work) you can absolutely decide how it is used even if it goes against your usual usage policy. It doesn’t have to be fair or even consistent.

      Kinda like those businesses with signs that say “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

      • wl says:

        Except Zach has a sign below this cartoon that says
        “Click here to put this comic in your blog/myspace/forum.”

        This would need an additional clause like “not to be use for homophobic purposes, I reserve the right to withdraw licence at any time to anyone”

        If you invite someone to treat you intelectual property as open source you can’t take legal action without restricting the use first.

        I know people think you can sue anyone for anything but that isn’t true.

        • Have you clicked the link? It’s a Javascript onClick that displays a DIV that … gives instructions for hotlinking to the image.

          That can’t be construed as open permission to take the image and repost it elsewhere. Zach is giving specific instructions for how to include the comic in your blog/forum/whatever, and NOM are disregarding those instructions.

  148. Pingback: SMBC vs NOM | Knowledge Begetting Confidence

  149. Matt says:

    Well done! :)

  150. toad says:

    ^awesome idea

  151. Matthew says:

    Well, that didn’t last long. They copied the comic to their own servers and edited the post to point to their copy instead.


    I guess their “values” consider copyright infringement to be perfectly fine.

  152. Niilismo says:

    Hats off to you, sir.

  153. Halifax says:

    This is too awesome. Threw it up on FB so more people can see why everything SMBC rocks.
    I posted a few times on the NOM page, pointing out some flaws in the running conversations (politely, even!), only to have them remove my comments. Made me lol.
    Great job on overloading them, though!

  154. A.N.O.N. says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much.
    There are still good people out there.

  155. DB says:

    Unfortunately they’ve reposted the original comic, hosted on their own server.

    Time for a copyright claim?

  156. Kat says:

    Nice work! But it appears as though they have now taken a screen shot of the comic, saved it and uploaded it themselves. Is there any way you can email them asking them to take it down, as you clearly do not support their anti-gay dogma, and they are misconstruing the message of your work?


  157. GraciesDaddy says:

    My comment to them:

    “So… how’s that Copyright Infringement Thing workin’ for ya?”

  158. Sean says:

    Boo. Yeah, I think a “cease and desist” type letter is in order here…

    But Yay! to what you did!

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  161. Bob Higgins says:

    I would have called a lawyer first, and filed suit for exactly $1 MORE than their assets.

  162. Samuel says:

    nicely done, more efficient than serving them a Cease and Desist Order.

  163. Tan Pham says:


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  166. D-vid says:

    You wonderful, wonderful man.

  167. jim says:


  168. Joural says:

    Unfortunatly, they have fixed it. Check if it is still a hotlink, please do this again. or something equally humorous.

    actually… this gives me an idea for how you could basically ruin them through the legal system.

    It belongs to you, legally, and they have no right to use it without your permission. If you can’t pull the hot linking trick again, then try suing them. If you really can’t come up with something to sue them for, try damage to reputation- you attach your name to this comic, and they implying to anyone who visits their site that you are Anti-Gay Rights, which constitutes damages. :P Can you imagine the damage it would do to their cause if you set a precedent saying that implying that someone supports their cause is damage to reputation?
    Although, to be honest, you have to make an honest attempt to get them to delete the image from their site first. Otherwise, they could argue they had no idea. Obviously they do, now, but in court it would hold up.

    But yeah, that’s freaking amazing.

  169. ChuckV says:

    I think Zach still has the option of asking for a Cease and Desist based on copyright. His invitation is for linking only. He does not say you can copy the work on your own server.

  170. Pyro says:

    they now are either re-linking to your page or stopped hotlinking, as the original image is back on the site….

    but before they figured it out it looks like they swamped the blog with 14 or so posts to push it off the main page…

  171. sarah says:

    haha absolutely brilliant. I’ve been following your comics for quite some time now – but i must say, this was done in style. :D

    and if they are insistent on putting it up – copyright infringement. get that comic in its rightful place, good sir – the land of satire and comedy.

  172. Very intelligent, creative way to make the best of the situation. Kudos to you Zach!

    Cool Springs Life

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  174. shayn says:

    way to go zach! this sounds like a good idea for an smbc theater…

  175. CaitiVoltaire says:

    Zach, they’ve uploaded the image to their own site now, so that you know.

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  178. Jamus says:

    repost the original comic on your site. Only instead of your image, embed theirs. Several times. MANY times. Appending ?randomtext to the end of each one to prevent caching.

    See how they like sharing bandwidth with you then.

  179. Jamus says:

    Or if you want to be more hilarious, make it slideshow-esque. Write a quick bit of javascript to update the comic’s source img to a new copy of the comic from their site (again, appending random characters to the end of it each time, to prevent browser caching). Update it every second or two while it’s open. If you want to avoid being punked back, make the image size=1,1.

    So basically as long as your readers are viewing that comic.. they are repeatedly downloading you comic BACK from them.


  180. Agni says:

    Thank you for going the classy route, Mr. Zach! This made my day, for all its kindness and truth.^^

  181. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | errorwindow.info

  182. Mwatson says:

    Since they have re-posted the image on their site, lawsuit season makes them ripe for the pickin’.

    It’s not like the money they “raised” was going to go to a “good” cause, anyway.

  183. Allison says:

    The comic is back up, NOM is hosting it themselves: http://nomblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/cartoon1.jpg

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  185. alfonso says:


  186. samuel says:

    To all those who say that NOM (nom nom) stole the image, SMBC has a link below the cartoon that says to click there if you post the picture on your blow/website/etc

    • Matt says:

      Indeed — Zach seems to allow people to post his comic (which is great!). I frown on using copyright to suppress opinions, even if their odious, disgusting opinions.

      • Vashti says:

        What about using copyright to suppress copyright violations?
        1. Zach allows others to link to his comic, not to steal it to their own servers.
        2. Allowing people to link doesn’t make him any less the owner of the comic. He still has the right to tell them to take it down, it’s not like what they did is irreversible.

  187. Larry Gibson says:

    Excellent, I will let our group of “Gay Mafia” see this, and thank you so much in your “getting back to them about it”

  188. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Hotlinks Trickery | Gizmodo Australia

  189. Rachel B says:

    This is beyond awesome. I’ve been reading your comic for about four years now, and remain incredibly impressed with how responsibly you use your audience/platform.
    In short, you da man.

  190. ChuckV says:

    Well, it seems NOM removed the post. I think just hinting at copyright violation got them worried.

    I did mention it on their comment section, so everyone can blame me if they wanted it to stay.

  191. Amy Ignatow says:

    Well done, Zach, and thank you.

  192. Hannah K says:

    “This generation fights in a new way, but we fight just as hard.”
    Amen, brother.

    PS: Jefferson was a classy person to quote. Kudos on fighting back effectively.

  193. Summer says:

    Yeah, the whole thing is gone now, no mention of what happened whatsoever. Guess they’re feeling foolish now?

  194. Richard says:

    Abolutely GREAT work Zach/Marty.

    Really good to see some comments on the NOM website about it too.

    Shame the original cartoon is back up now though :-(

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  197. Gabe Casalett says:

    This is fantastic. Congrats and well done!

  198. Pete says:

    The original cartoon is back up

  199. Ryan Brannon says:

    “This generation fights in a new way, but we fight just as hard.”

    Easily my favorite new quotation.

    Such a clever job, Zach!

  200. Dan Junor says:

    Fantastic! My hat is off to you guys, showing that our generation can fight back against something like this with out resorting to complete immaturity.

    A little immaturity is fine, and funny. You should get some kind of award for this.

  201. Beautiful, classy, brilliant! Thank you.

  202. Nathaniel says:

    This is what qualifies as “classy” in this day and age? Wow. I feel older than my 29 years. Nevermind the opportunity to contact them and request the image be pulled. No, your first reaction was to post “ascii dicks.” (Very mature.) When that wasn’t an option because they moderate their site, you went to plan B, replacing your cartoon with a Gay Pride flag… which probably didn’t convey the message of equality you hoped to express, but more likely than not made them more upset at you, and homosexuals in general. And somehow, this elicits cheers and admiration of a job well done? Way to elevate the dialogue and act like adults. Disappointing.

    • person says:

      Lol u mad?

    • Amy says:

      Well, clearly, Zach saw them using his comic and figured, given his usual subject matter, they’d see the humor in that.

      But seriously- you know something? Even aside from their hate-spewing idiocy? Hotlinking is not cool. Zach would have been well within his rights to replace the image with anything he wanted. Screwing over hotlinkers is a time-worn practice, and Zach chose to go the classy route and send a message of equality, because he wanted to make it clear that his comic was not in any way intended to denigrate gays.

      Elevate the dialogue? And do what, send them an email that no one but the administrators would ever see, and that may still have no effect, considering how, after what I understand to be two different instances of their hotlinked image being replaced by a pro-equality message, they chose to upload a version of the comic onto their own servers, rather than getting the message and removing it. Any contact attempts on his part would have gone unnoticed by the majority of the site’s visitors. Instead, Zach has both spread a message of equality and exposed the hypocrisy and image/quote mining of the NOM morons to a wide audience.

      Which option would be “escalating the dialogue,” exactly?

    • Mordant Carnival says:

      This is a common fallacy regarding interactions with bigots: that if you’re extra-super-mega polite to them you can somehow ensure a better hearing; that large organized groups who put together hate-filled video screeds, write reams of hate-filled text and campaign politically against the human rights of others, are simply waiting for a nice enough person to come along and soft-soap everything sufficiently for their delicate sensibilities.

      Thing is though, it genuinely doesn’t matter very much if you send nice quiet polite emails or charge in waving a rainbow flag. They are going to respond in pretty much the same way, so you might as well make a proper stand instead of trying to appease them.

      Or maybe you’re just trolling, in which case pretend this whole post is a rude ascii picture.

    • nichole says:

      Smells like butthurt bigot…

    • Tempus says:

      Concern troll is concerned.

      “…more likely than not made them more upset at you, and homosexuals in general. ”

      In the world that they hope to live to see, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals do not exist. Period. It’s hard to imagine being more upset with someone than that.

  203. mikeyb says:

    Thank you Mr Zach McAwesome for being so clever, calm and most importantly for giving a shit. You rock forever.

    Yours in total fucking admiration

    mikeyb xx

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  206. FaylinaMeir says:

    I want to point out the obvious that this was, infact, epic win! I am a bisexual female who is married (to a man) so I know what it feels like to be looked at kinda weird. These people are disgusting excuses for life. I’m sorry if thats harsh, but its what I feel.
    I have never seen your website before a friend posted this on facebook, however I am sure I will visit more often ;)

    Don’t listen to the people who spew hate that this was a bad idea, this was a nonviolent way of protest of their belief system and if it pissed them off then so what! They are pissing people off constantly and spewing hate about people based on their sexual preferences. They can deal with some anger

  207. sm says:

    I think this was a great opportunity and think it’s awesome that you all were creative enough to do something other than contact them. An email would have no doubt seen that his image was removed, and it would have gone un-noticed by the public.

    Some people need to come to reality and understand that there is no way to “elevate the dialogue” with these people. They have one agenda and that is all they care about. We will never talk them into changing that or into seeing things in a clear open-minded loving perspective.

    The fight for equality needs to become visible! We need to take a lesson from those who came before us and ushered in change. They acted on every opportunity to get the people of our nation to become aware of them, and to get there message heard by as many as possible.

    Zach may have responded by impulse with a rather poor idea (though in my opinion maybe they need to see more penises on that site lol) but in the end he made a statement that I think does resonate. These people spread hate and since they hate homosexuals do you really think that them getting angry is going to make things worse! I know you are thinking “Why give them ammunition?” The fact is that it would make no difference. When they have nothing to talk about they make shit up.

    Oh and while we’re at it, they stole the picture, bandwidth the artist is paying for, and violated his rights! Will they talk about that? Will they spread the message of their sin? No. At least, now they will have to explain how the picture and quote got on the site to begin with, and they will have to explain why they can take no legal action.

    Bravo Zach!

  208. apendleton says:

    As others have said, now that they’ve copied it, you should send a DMCA takedown notice to their ISP. The law requires them to removing content you claim is infringing immediately, without judicial review. They can then appeal, if they want, but the that’s considerably slower. The law is actually pretty stupid, but might serve your purposes well, here. At the very least, you can have the image removed, and at best, you might be able to have the whole site taken down, potentially for several days.

    Here’s a handy howto and sample letter:


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  210. CW says:

    With the exception that there’s no indigo in your flag… well played my friend

  211. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | Nikki Kiang

  212. Diane says:

    Zach, thank you for what you did. That quote is so powerful and so appropriate. As for how you should react to their hosting your cartoon:

    Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey, the surviving members of Peter, Paul and Mary, responded to NOM’s use of a PPM recording at some of their events with a letter requesting NOM cease using the song, and outlining their feelings about NOM’s crusade. I strongly recommend you do the same–even without the celebrity power, NOM needs to be warned that their use of your work, even though you have made it clear you’d prefer they stop, will be remembered and publicized. You can read Yarrow and Stookey’s letter, BTW, at http://prop8trialtracker.com/2010/08/27/peter-paul-and-marys-cease-and-desist-to-nom-stop-playing-this-land-is-your-land).

    And thank you for what you did.

  213. LMack says:

    My brother has been trying to get me to follow this comic for a while, but I’ve resisted. Not that it hasn’t been funny the few times I’ve looked at it, but more that I do a lot of things on the internet, follow a lot of webcomics and blogs, so I’m a little choosy on which sites get my time.

    However, this post was really outstandingly awesome, and it’s not like i’m anybody important or there’s any reason for you to care, but you now have one more reader.

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  215. frob says:

    Very nice. :D

    I had some random Brazillian guys hotlink some of my art on a website a few years ago, but I was far less kind.

    (Unless replacing the picture with my balls was doing them a kindness. Mileage varies.)

  216. David says:

    You, sir, are a very funny man, who writes some very funny comics. But this just might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen you do!

    Kudos to you for doing that, and props for keeping it classy (something I would not have been able to do were I in your shoes, I’m afraid.)

  217. Shelly Valladolid says:

    Um, NOM? “Thou Shalt Not Steal”….sound familiar?
    It’s like those people with the intellectual-property-theft version of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, praying.

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  220. David says:

    Seriously, though, I would consider at the very least a cease-and-desist letter, if not something more enforceable, to get them to remove your comic permanently. If I had stumbled across that without already being familiar with your comic, I would assume that you support their views; and given the extremity of their views, I think a strong case could be made that it would hurt your readership numbers (I know I would stop reading if I thought you were an anti-gay bigot).

    • Mike says:

      Oh, I would expect that you won’t see anyone from that site making the mistake of linking an SMBC comic again. Besides which, getting a cease-and-desist or similar legal injunction means cuts off brilliant avenues of opportunity for the future, in case someone is silly enough to try again.

  221. Jeff says:

    You rock.

  222. Tony P says:

    Bravo! Nice trick and glad you got screencaps because they’ve now downloaded your original image and hosted it on their server. I’d hit em’ with a copyright notice next.

  223. josh says:

    this is brilliant,

    fantastic work.

  224. Gracie says:

    You are such a fracking hardcore dude.

  225. Kris says:

    You rock! (I would have gone for the low road)

  226. CeAnne Becker says:

    NOM has YOUR cartoon back on their site.

  227. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | all-natural-cures.com

  228. lalib says:


    This video is in response to the FCKH8 campaign, although NOM’s response looks more like a parody of themselves than anything. They are calling a campaign against hate, hateful….

  229. As NOM are now violating your copyright, without any reasonable recourse to a “fair use” defence, you could contact their hosting company to make a DMCA complaint. Under fair use, they could post excerpts for the purpose of criticism or parody, but they have copied the comic strip in its entirety, which is a step too far.

    NOMbleurgh is hosted by Serverbeach, and the DMCA contact details can be found at http://www.serverbeach.com/aboutus/aup.php

    The beauty|horror* of the DMCA is that there is a very low burden of proof on the part of a content owner to force a take-down. You can prove that you are the copyright owner, so it should be a slam dunk**

    (*delete as appropriate)
    (** IANAL)

  230. Pingback: February 04, 2011 | liansi.org

  231. GeorgieGirl says:

    Good Job!!! I was able to see this because a friend of my posted the link on FB. Thanks for not being mean!

  232. Tasty Salamanders says:

    It seems that now the page in question simply isn’t listed. If you check the page it lists the previous article as “In face of bipartisan House vote, Gronstal digs in his heels” and the subsequent article as “NYT: Chick-fil-A Protests at N.Y.U. Are Muted”. Checking those pages and their next and previous article links simply skip over the post. And if you find the page in the archive where those currently are (at the top of page 3 as of commenting) it is missing from there as well. However despite being hidden the page itself is quite clearly there.

    I thought after this they would have taken it down but instead they have just hidden it, I can’t even understand.

  233. ddnnll says:

    Oh I hate to pee in your cornflakes, and I really love the sentiment here…

    …it’s just too bad that you promoted equality with a quote — however famous — that uses the word “men” to represent all people…

    • EvilDoppleganger says:

      But everyone loves lesbians.

    • Amelia says:

      This is a common misunderstanding. The word ‘man’ originally just meant ‘person’*, and though useage of this has declined it is still perfectly valid. The meaning of specifically male person is a more recent add-on (replacing the previous word wer).

      The invention of the word womyn is even stupider than it would first seem, viewed in this context. ‘woman’ literally means ‘female person’ and has nothing to do with the new meaning of ‘man’.

  234. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery

  235. LEon says:

    That’s wonderful, but the original is back. More needs to be done?

  236. Pingback: Tweets that mention The Weinerworks » N.O.M. N.O.M. N.O.M. -- Topsy.com

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  238. Thomas McCampbell says:


  239. Daskaea says:

    You probably get this offer twenty times a day but marry you foxy and incredibly brilliant ginger.
    But seriously, as if SMBC didn’t get my queer ladyboner going as it was….

  240. suomynonA says:

    In the early 1900s, anti-suffragists said, “Women’s place is at home.” N.O.M. is equally narrow-minded.

    • EvilDoppleganger says:

      I’d venture to say that they’re moreso. They believe that homosexual people have no place at all… at least women got to hang out in the house and take valium.

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  244. Sad says:

    I lost a lot of respect for you when I read the sentence:

    “Even people I really respect, like Jon Stewart…”

  245. Marcus says:

    As a faggot myself, I really admire what you did. <3

  246. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | Your Daily Niche

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  248. ha! says:

    Perfect! Though I have to question the Jefferson quote — Jefferson did after all have hundreds of slaves….

  249. flip says:

    I’ve seen your comic a couple of times, but this has officially made me go subscribe to your RSS. Sure, it’s not much… but admiration and respect is priceless after all.

  250. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | My Blog

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  253. Mike says:

    See, guys, this is why I go out of my way not to have any views on anything. Except anything involving anyone taking more money out of my paycheck. Or messing with my internet. Ok, so I’m a self-centered asshole, but at least I’m honest.
    …What was this about again? Oh, right. Good trollin’.

  254. Pingback: Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements] | technologynewsonlineupdates.com

  255. Diana says:

    Zach, I read SMBC every day, and watch all of the videos put up by SMBC theater. I always knew you were hilarious. Now I also know you are awesome all-around.

    As a bisexual in a house full of right-wing republicans, I just want to tell you that this is really, really touching. Stay classy, my brother. And as always, I’ll be back on SMBC every day this week for more laughs. :)

  256. Really well done. Good on you and Marty. :)

    Glad you went the classy route – that was definitely a good call.

  257. Michael says:

    Awesome! But original is indeed back (as pointed out by LEon above).


  258. TechBear says:

    Your little dust-up with NOM has been covered by PZ Meyers on his blog, Pharyngula.

  259. Jimmy says:

    How dare they put a Thomas Jefferson quote on their website!

  260. Zander says:

    The comic is still up on their blog. I commented and added a link for the Chinese Whispers strip – very pertinent ^^

    Marty, Zach, all their base belong to youse ^____^

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  262. Pingback: Weiner and N.O.M Over Hotlink | Tech Specs, Reviews, News, Price and Guide -GadgetOZ.com

  263. Kyle says:

    It still seems to be down… Or at least, I have no idea how to look at the page again. A direct link does a “page not found” and there doesn’t appear to be a way to get back to it.


  264. NoNameBrand says:

    You have earned my respect sir, I tip my hat to you.

  265. Pingback: smile for the day | What's that you said?

  266. Pierre Lebeaupin says:

    The term of wanging is reserved to Penny Arcade, I believe. Slashdot used to “slashdot”, PA “wangs”, Daring Fireball “fireballs”, Questionable Content “jacques”, I heard that Fark.com “farks”, (Digg “fucks”, but that’s another story); so I guess you (along with your brother)… “weiner” sites. I guess that’s an appropriate name. :)

  267. Radth says:

    Keep on troll’n!

  268. Ainara says:

    haha! i saw in facebook that people in the FCKH8 group were getting crazy about you, i came to check and here’s why! good for you!

  269. harpergrey says:

    Brilliantly done, my friend. Brilliantly done. Just when I think I can’t possibly love you more, you do something this creatively awesome. :D :D

  270. Nikhil says:

    They probably took the page down. Took them long enough, the idiots.

    Yet, unlike them, I respect their viewpoint even as I insult them, regardless of the fact their viewpoint doesn’t make sense. I’m not gay, but they’re clearly just being dicks. Also, their arguments are so full of holes it’s stupid that they still use them.

    • buggrit says:

      So you do not, in fact, respect their viewpoint. You respect their right to hold to their stupid, senseless viewpoint. That’s an important distinction.

  271. Well done! I learned about it on Pharyngula. I will be reading your site from now on, too!

  272. Peri P Laneta says:

    Absolutely brilliant and marvelous. I didn’t think I could like SMBC more than I did, but I was wrong.

  273. Steve Rider says:

    If there was a god I would ask Her to bless you.

    Nelson Muntz rides again!

  274. Veronica says:

    Classy, funny and moving. Congrats and thank you!

  275. PaulBaby says:

    This should be posted as one of the best end plays against NOM!!! Don’t ya just hate it when a plan back fires like this ??? LOL

  276. Sami says:

    Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. You are my new hero.

  277. Bj4r73 says:

    Sir. I salute you ^-^

  278. Myca says:

    LOL win. :]

  279. Rich says:

    I thought it was funny that they referred to themselves as “a rainbow coalition making a stand for marriage” in their youtube video.

  280. Pingback: Weekend Open Thread : Delaware Liberal

  281. Marty says:

    Zach FTW!

    You are officially my new hero!

  282. Ninjajoe175 says:

    Well clearly NOM, as you can all see, is just MON spelled backwards. Which- again we know- is short for POKEMON, so the true goal of NOM is to not stop gay marriage, but to stop same sex POKEMON from being in that old couples daycare.

    Or it means we all should find members on NOM and cram them into small portable balls and make them fight each other

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  284. Pingback: Twitter Updates for 2011-02-05 | Walang anuman.

  285. Kaitlin Duck Sherwood says:

    That cartoon does have to do with marriage equality. When the Right says “threat to traditional marriage”, what they really mean is “threat to traditional gender roles”. (If you have two men living together, you know at least one is ironing. If you have two women living together, you know at least one of them is fixing the heater.). If women are not making babies, that also is a threat to traditional gender roles.

  286. Ice says:

    I applaud your actions sir!

  287. skwidmonster says:

    Thanks, Zach. These people fight so hard against something because they are narrow-minded, or have misconceptions, or are just plain stubborn. I’m glad we can fight just as hard for love and equality.

  288. Chris says:

    You kick ass Zach!

  289. Manutaust says:

    Fabulous job, M. Weiner =D.

    I applaud every aspect of your action !

  290. Pingback: N.O.M. N.O.M. N.O.M. http://www.theweinerworks.com/?p=344 | Science Report | Biology News, Economics News, Computer Science News, Mathematics News, Physics News, Psychology News

  291. MeisterKleister says:

    Epic. Win.

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  294. TBird says:

    Not only was it brilliant, but it was classy. You used dignity. Congratulations!

  295. Pingback: Sunday in Outer Blogness: Revolutions and Culture Wars Edition! | Main Street Plaza

  296. Tara says:

    excellent work, very well done. Dignity wins every time — we can do our little undignified jabs behind closed doors just because it is so EASY and fun.

    Fun Fact: Even thought the Fed govt doesn’t recognize my California same-sex marriage, they are asking up to file as married. Weird?

  297. NSefet says:

    Thank you SO much for doing this. I plan to share this with my school’s GSA this week, I think they’ll get a kick out of it. :P

  298. Mike E. says:

    Awesome. Well done, sir.

  299. Kyle says:

    Well done, Zach! I’ve been a dedicated reader of SMBC for a long time, and as such, have had untold amounts of respect for you for a long time. But this just made it even better. For all your graphs and dick jokes, you, sir, are a truly wonderful example of humankind.

    Long live The Weiner! <3

  300. Jess says:

    You, sir, win the internets. This is really excellent!

  301. Jermanie M. says:

    Had me in tears this morning when I read this. A touching message. Thank you, very much, for supporting and promoting this cause. And for being so effing rad, lol.

  302. Pingback: national Organization for Marriage, Zach Weiner, pride flag on NOM site, NOM site crashes from pride flag | Fabulous PDX

  303. Renee says:

    It’s pretty hilarious that N.O.M., an organization devoted to the repression of my rights as gay female, would choose to put a comic made by my favorite comic artist on their website. When I read that particular comic, thoughts of gay were very far from my mind. In fact, it’s kind of a queer* line of thought to even have.

    *sorry… couldn’t help myself.

    • Bobo says:

      Touche Renee! Zack is awesome, and so are you for being cool enough to use “queer” as a bit of double entendre. I’ve run into far too many folks to feel that you can NEVER use the words “queer” or “gay” in anything other than the most hushed and reverential tones. Lighten up folks. You’ll never win the hearts and minds of society by running around with a stick up your ass (but what I do in my own private bedroom is another matter…)[see? It's an "I like penis in my pooper joke!]

  304. Dave says:

    I don’t read SMBC (though I have seen several comics, including the two above linked in various posts on the PA forums) but what you did here was pretty awesome. Guess I have another comic to add to my stable.

  305. Heather says:

    Classy job, well done. Although, I would have paid to see the faces of anyone who clicked on the link if you had chosen something a little more gritty… Priceless.

  306. Perfect and wonderful. Way to go, Zach!

  307. Dylan says:

    Actually, because Jefferson wasn’t really Christian (he created the Jefferson Bible, a collection of all of Jesus’ teachings without any of the “son of god” stuff), he is slowly being removed from US History by crazy fundies. Look up the school board battles in Texas for examples of ways the guy’s contributions to the country are being minimized.

  308. Pingback: Volviendo el hotlinking contra quienes lo practican [EN] | Grace To You

  309. G'orzak says:

    I probably would have used Shitting Dick Nipples, which in my opinion would have been funnier (especially since they’re hardcore christians). Or maybe something involving Tomboy’s “It’s OK 2 b Gay”. But for the purpose of gay rights instead of humor, this works better.

    However, since they believe being gay is a choice, the quote doesn’t really go against what they’re saying. Everyone has the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. Some people are just so crazy that logic doesn’t work on them, and the only worthwhile thing to do is laugh at them.

  310. donashcroft says:

    another example of the internet making a stand for what is right

    peace and love bro, peace and love

  311. Mike says:

    Thank you.

    You just made being gay a little bit easier for everyone else.

  312. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You amazingly know how to bring an issue to light and make it absorbing. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  313. Chris says:

    So epic, thanks for this!

  314. Pingback: News Bits

  315. StraightGrandmother says:

    he he he he he he he he, pretty funny :)

  316. Dennis says:

    Well done, keep up the good work and the humor.

  317. Tony says:

    You’re the man. Thanks you for standing up for us and for what’s right.
    No more hate! No more N.O.M.!

  318. Jake says:

    Thank you, this means a lot.

  319. Pingback: DVRHDMI » Cartoonist Trolls Bigots With Web Trickery [Statements]

  320. DT says:

    Great, great job Zach!!! Fight for what is right.

  321. James says:

    Now, if I agreed or disagreed with this point of view I would send a message to those with the same opinion and advise them ALL to go visit the site and leave their opinion too. Their URL is easy for you to find. Go do it… I did. My grain of rice is on a8 (see: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Wheat_and_chessboard_problem )

  322. MIke says:


    Ha! Ha!

  323. SJ says:

    So…how many direct hits to that image on their server would it take to break it?

  324. Pingback: National Organization for Marriage Gets Punked - Southern Maryland Community Forums

  325. vibezilla says:

    this is kind of inspiring dude, awesome.

  326. x says:

    I don’t know, I think that lemonparty would have been a little more of a shock…

    (since we all know that those who speak out against something the most are general those who are most guilty of doing/practicing it)

  327. Marcus says:

    Representing Straights for Gay Rights! We love you, too.

  328. Phil says:

    That’s a powerful message. You took gay rights to the very fundamentals of what our nation and constitution was built upon. This approach was amazing, well thought out and the GLBT community should applaud you.

  329. Gigi says:

    AMAZING! You made my sad day a little bit happier. :-)

  330. Darren says:

    You are a true champion fighter, Zach.

  331. The 3rd Weiner brother says:

    That’s infinitely more classy than what I’ve done to folks when hotlinking to my pics. Usually a gaping vag or the most vile penis I can locate takes its place.

  332. Hi, my name is ... says:

    Classy and effective. I like it!

    +1 loyal reader

  333. You should have gone with the Harvey Milk quote anyway, these people are fundamentalist Christians and have no desire to look at any info that contradicts their narrow, fallacy-creme filled world view.

  334. Naomi says:

    This is still wonderful btw. :]

    I also love that you are starting to integrate gay/lesbian couples into your comics without making their sexuality the butt of the joke. thank you for being so supportive

  335. SPAGHETTI says:

    Two dicks making a heart would have been more awesome though.

  336. Ashley says:

    Well done, sir. I’m even more proud to be a longtime SMBC fan now (and to have been born on March 5th! lol) than I was before.

    This half-tempts me to create my own website full of pro-fundie comics and stuff, just so I can screw with whatever morons attempt to hotlink to them. :-D

  337. Poseyman says:

    You, sir, are a saint. A saint of silly comics.
    What an awesome way to hit those homophobes where it hurts.
    I hope they give you another chance to hit them, because if they could mistake your comic for this, they can do so much more

  338. Isaac says:

    Hell, slippery slope isn’t even an argument. It’s a logical fallacy.

  339. Pingback: The Weinerworks – CA blog review « GracelessDeath

  340. CoyoteLovely says:

    Good on you, man! I wish I had seen this earlier JUST to see the site with the pride flag on it. Religious persecution lives strong – viva la revolution!

    Hey, at least you know you have a new reader. :)

  341. Britt says:

    Are we missing something or am I? ERA….anyone? Represent the mass issues at hand and things will move a lot quicker.

  342. steve says:

    Bravo on a clever and classy response. You educated people on what this country was (is) all about AND educated a bunch of internet newbs on the hazards of Hotlinks! Ha!

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