Best Spam Ever?

This’ll make up for the substantive post I did this morning:


das Metal-Shirt für Bremen ist nun fertig! Wie vor einiger Zeit angekündigt seht ihr auf der Frontseite das neue Metal4Bremen-Logo, während die Rückseite von Logos von Bremer Bands geschmückt wird – alle die wollten, und das waren nicht wenige!

Natürlich wollen wir dieses Shirt auch jedem anderen Metalhead in Bremen zur Verfügung stellen! Weil leider keiner von uns mit König Midas enger verwandt ist als einer von euch, gibt es das Shirt zunächst nur auf Vorbestellung. Außerdem werden wir auch Hoodies und Zipper machen, aber lest und seht selbst:


Metal Up Your Ass!

- Euer Metal4Bre men-Team


Das Metal4Bremen Team

Abmelden? Hier geht´s lang.

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4 Responses to Best Spam Ever?

  1. Westicle says:

    You should respond in all Spanish.

    “No hablo! Por que?!” Except, y’know, something that makes more sense.

  2. Chewbaccanator says:

    Translation from yours truly

    The metal shirt for Bremen (city) is now ready. As was advertised some time ago, the Metal4Bremen-Logo is on the front, while the back sports some names of Bremen metal bands – all those that wanted, and there were many!

    Naturally, we want to offer this shirt to every metalhead in Bremen. Because none of us are related to king Midas, however, it is only available for pre-order. We’ll also make hoodies and zipper (hoodies with a zipper in front I guess), of course, but read it yourself!


    Don’t think it was spam, just a faulty mail service from some metal club in Bremen.

    • kitukwfyer says:

      Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m pedantic and obsessed by language.

      I think “All those that wanted…” would be better without the “that.” I’m pretty sure the “die” is referring to the Bremen Band Logos. Either that or it should be something like “all the bands that wanted (their logos on the back of the shirt.)”…but whatever. My German obviously isn’t perfect.

      Other than that, I think the king Midas sentence should read “But because we are, unfortunately, no more closely related to king Midas than one of you, the shirt’s only available for pre-order.” I’m guessing you just summarised, but I couldn’t help myself.

      I do agree with your conclusion. I don’t think it’s spam either.

  3. pascal says:

    or somebody signed you up to their newsletter for giggles (obviously it worked)

    it’s also completely grammatically correct and seemingly written by german-speakers, unlike the other german spam that’s just google translated

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