Choose Your Own Adventure Excerpt #1

A big part of why I put the blog on hiatus was the CYOA. It’s finally starting to come together, so I think it’s only fair that I start sharing bits and pieces. This is a fairly complete “scene” from the second act of the book.

You can’t do simple missions OR drink simple mystery drugs? You’re not fit for real soldiering.

You’re demoted from Disposable Squad to Ultra-Disposable squad.

You head to the cafeteria to be eaten.

As you march, the mega-idiots around you don’t seem to see the problem. One can’t wait to be part of a container of refried beans. Somehow, he doesn’t seem to connect this to his own mortality.

The lunchlady smiles as you enter the kitchen. She stabs the guy in front of you. His dying words are “come on, beans!” The lunchlady says “We’ll see!” in a singsong voice.

It’s your turn. You insist that you don’t want to be part of a sandwich. Everyone groans at how uppity you are, and how we need to stop letting these college boys in the military.

The lunchlady turns angry and grabs an axe.

FIGHT: Lunchlady.

[[[note: here, there will be a bit more info]]]

If you win, go to 23.

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