Dust dust…

Hey geeks! Sorry for the lack of posts. I had a bunch of businessy stuff to do and this had to lose priority. I’ll be doing another chapter in the epic of Weinersmith shortly :).

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6 Responses to Dust dust…

  1. Weezy says:


  2. Kjeld says:

    Finally. Can’t wait for “Science!”.
    I almost thought you quit, but thats not your style.

  3. JRM says:

    Waah! No update! Waah!

  4. Eats says:

    Still no freak’n update! ARGH!

  5. tenach says:

    You had better! :D

  6. Sigma says:

    So, um, not to be pushy or anything, but I’d just like to wonder if this is happening or not.

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