Some Children’s Doggerel

Since the last post went over fairly well, here’s another thing for kids. I wrote this about seven years ago (holy crap), and did some touching up recently. Now and then I feel like writing in verse. I know the meter isn’t perfect, but for this sort of thing, sometimes it’s better that way. ENJOY!

“A poem by Tommie Told, to his love, Molly”
My brother said that when I shed
The current skin I’ve got
That I will sprout a hippo head.
I hope that I will not.
But anyway, I’d like to say
That darling I love you,
And if a hippo head someday
Should make my one head two
We’ll love each other though it’s awkward,
Then we’ll go get married!
And when we’re sick we won’t get doctored
Only veterinaried!
“A poem by Molly Mist, to her Tommie”
Your brother’s probably right, you know
For I’ve a brother too
And he told me I’d also grow
A hippo head like you.
I think that you’re a sweetie Tom
But sorry, we can’t marry
For, you should know that my own mom’s
The local veterinary.
Horses, dogs and cats, and me
Indwell her waiting room
And I don’t think she’ll ever see
A hippo-headed groom.
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9 Responses to Some Children’s Doggerel

  1. Westicle says:

    They would be so good together! :(

  2. Lisa says:

    Awesome poem! I’m not a kid (but kid at heart, I like to think) and I still like it. :) Also, indwell is a cool word.

  3. JRM says:

    If you fill your blog with stuff like this, you’re going to build a readership, even before Weiner Enterprises builds the Mental Health Ray, which improves everyone’s mental health [may cause dry mouth, itchy fingers, and slavery to Weiner Enterprises.] Es bueno.

    On a separate topic, I see you’ve Tweeted on how many posts per day – the big thing is to avoid burnout, and keep a consistent flow. If you’ve got 60 ideas that have stacked up and get about two bloggable ideas a day, you can run two-three per day. Don’t burn all sixty in a one-week frenzy.

    –JRM, who joined Facebook this year (for a very specific purpose) but who ain’t tweetin’. I don’t cotton to them kids today with their tweetin’ everything that happens and their Facebookin’ and their cell phones and their surviving previously fatal diseases and their tolerance for Asians and metrosexuals. Get off my lawn!

  4. adinfinitumspiro says:

    Let’s see;
    Dirty drawings: Check
    Children’s poems: Check
    Songs Written: Unknown.
    Shiny pate: Unfinished

    Not quite Shel Silverstein, but you’ll get there

  5. xeno says:

    like shel silverstein reincarnated…only with more hair…

  6. Coleopatra says:

    If I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t it be “Your brother’s…” not “You’re brother’s…”. Sorry, that’s one that kinda bothers me.

  7. keynan says:

    I agree with JRM on the post thingy.

    another thing – I know you said it’s not perfect, but I think it would be better (meter-wise) to put Prob’ly (Shakespearean style) in the first line of Molly’s part. It also speaks back (style-wise) to the era that people like Molly and Tommie used to send poems one another.

    p.s: I read SMBC fanatically. Keep up the good work.

  8. kitukwfyer says:

    I like this, too! :)

    I agree with JRM about the posts, too. and also about the readership. This is definitely going to become one of the sites I check everyday. I’m also going to recommend it to people with the other webcomics/ blogs I read. This is pretty classy stuff! Keep it up, please!

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