Kids’ Poem

Have this vague idea to make a book of stuff like this. Would you buy it?

The Twin Paradox

My twin who’s named Bob

Built a great big red ship

That could fly into space

With incredible zip


He zipped through the white

And the blue and the black

He flew to the stars

Would he ever come back?


He flew up so fast

Even time couldn’t catch him

Which changed both our lives

In a rather odd fashion


The clock in my bedroom

Kept on ticking indeed

Bob’s clock barely tocked

At his zip-along speed


So while time couldn’t catch him

It sure could catch me

And in time, well, the difference

Was easy to see


For I aged fifty years

In the time he aged three

So when Bobby was ten

A gray beard grew on me


When Bobby returned

In his great big read ship

I said “Hello there, Bob,

Did you have a nice trip?”


He stared at me strangely

He looked at me quizzically

Now just how did we twins get

So opposite physically?


But I’d a solution

(Quite clever, I’d say)

I’d depart in the ship

And skip time on the way


I zipped through the white

And the blue and the black

So fast that time lost me

Until I came back


And when I got home

To that brother of mine

We both were old men,

And that suits us just fine.

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