The Mathroom update

Remember The Mathroom? If not, check it out. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly.

No, the site won’t be coming back. BUT, we’re working on a book. A few weeks ago Marty, whose friends are all massive dorks, mentioned several people had recently asked where The Mathroom went. I don’t have time to do it anymore – it’s remarkably hard to come up with cute math problems well-worded on a regular basis. BUT, Marty uses math in computer programming, Kelly uses math in biology, and our old friend John is a doctor of mathematics. So, I’ll be tossing in some of the lower level stuff, but mostly just editing everyone else’s contribution and adding dirty jokes.

I don’t have a publisher yet, and I doubt anyone will want to publish it. But, I love it so much, I’ll happily front the cost for a limited print run.

Why do I mention all this? Because I have such a cool and weird life, I sometimes feel like I’m in a Harry Potter novel. Today, I was checking our google doc, after I saw John had added a problem. The table we have has sections for “name,” “problem,” and “difficulty level.” Here’s what he wrote:

Name: (left blank)

Problem: find (a closed form for) the antiderivative of e^(-x^2) dx or (x(x-1)(x+1))^(1/2) dx

Difficulty: Impossible

Man, it’s fun working with smart dorks.

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6 Responses to The Mathroom update

  1. Tyler N says:

    I am floored by how many different areas of all human knowledge you are comfortable with. I’d love to know what you studied in school, and how much of this developed out of self-interest and self-study.

  2. Sam says:

    Never saw The Mathroom before (have printed them all out… don’t expect a submission though), but very excited that it’ll be a book. Would be great to have the margins of the book littered with the ‘solutions’ to other problems (not posed in the book, but with humorous solutions – as though it were a pre-used textbook like the kind you used to inherit at high school).

  3. Westicle says:

    You might want to put in some blank pages in your Mathroom book for scrap paper. I know that if I’m ever on the toilet with your book, I’d probably require a few pages.

    And I actually learned about e^(-x^2) in Calc II this year :D

  4. Rick says:

    I’m an engineer, so if somehow you could attach MATLAB to the book, maybe I could solve them >.>
    You can’t expect me to remember what pi is!

  5. kitukwfyer says:

    O.o…..I want this.

    I want it for myself and quite possibly a math dork friend or three.

  6. cr33per says:

    KICKSTARTER? It’s worked for you so far :D

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