Painting 4: Julius Robert Oppenheimer

I kinda liked the crazy eyes after I got this far, so I didn’t fill them in.

Biggest issue is I made his chin way too large. So, it looks like a merger between Oppenheimer and Indian Jones.

That said, I do like the expression. It gets at how I think about Oppenheimer’s personality. Thoughts?

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3 Responses to Painting 4: Julius Robert Oppenheimer

  1. Weinersmith says:

    The cigarette doesn’t look right. It looks too 2-D. Perhaps it’s b/c the lips don’t appear to be responding to the presence of the cigarette appropriately?

  2. pcress says:

    A little shading of the cig will give it a cylindrical appearance. What gets me is the size of his pupils. It’s like he’s looking at a very bright light…like an atomic blast or something…hmmm

    Very cool, nice work.

  3. SHRDLU says:

    Never mind the cigarette or the chin. Eyes are great. Well done.

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