Welcome… to The Weinerworks

Hey geeks– welcome to the new site. It has two purposes:

First, it’ll be a hub for new stuff by me. In the next few years, I’ll be doing more and more non-SMBC projects. As such, I wanted to create a central hub of Weinerness, so people who like my stuff could keep up.

Second, it’ll be home to a lot of “l’inaccrochable,” which is to say… things I could probably never sell to anyone. Sometimes I think of jokes that are too obtuse, or I write short stories, or doggerel poems, and I don’t really have a place to share them. Well, this is the place.

So, if you like the idle thoughts and note-quite-ready-for-prime-time jokes of an ubernerd, you may want to add this to your RSS.



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8 Responses to Welcome… to The Weinerworks

  1. John Small Berries says:

    When I saw this on your Twitter feed, I feared it might have been a link to “The Weiner Works”, a site pimping a miracle ED cure.

  2. Calvin says:

    soopahkewl. feed’d. or, wait… fed? how ’bout “added to my feed”?

  3. Cool ! Two things though: might want to use something like Disqus or Facebook connect for the comment management if you plan this site to grow, it is way more practical than… not using it. That’s what my techno-geek self want to say.
    And where the hell does “inaccrochable” come from ? That’s what my frenchman self want to ask.

    • ZachWeiner says:

      “A Moveable Feast” by Hemingway. Gertrude Stein uses it to refer to some of Hemingway’s stories, which she thinks he’ll never publish.

      • Narushima says:

        Yes, but it still really means “unhangable”, as in “that coat is great, but I can’t seem to be able to hang it anywhere”.
        Which is a bit weird.

  4. Dan says:

    “Sometimes I think of jokes that are too obtuse”…

    Too obtuse for SMBC? The mind reels at the concept…

  5. Chaz says:

    Zach! I want an “Anything + Coffee = Breakfast” shirt! Make it so :)

  6. Keynan says:

    How do I go about RSS feeding this?

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