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Physics! #26: University Physics 4.4

Tweet4.4: Weight and Mass You probably remember from somewhere in high school science that weight and mass are different, but that there are lots of contexts where they at least SEEM to be interchangeable. Here, we’ll get a physicsy sense … Continue reading

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Discrete! #11: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 1.3A

Tweet1.3: Predicates and Quantifiers Predicates Okay, the book gives a nice rigorous version of predicates, and I think it’s fairly straightforward, so I won’t linger too long here. Here’s the basic idea: A “propositional function” is a lot like the … Continue reading

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Calculus! #39: Early Transcendentals 3.6A

Tweet3.6: Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions This section has great because it contains two of my favorite things: a useful tool and a cute proof. Let’s dig in. First, we start off with a proof of the general case of derivatives … Continue reading

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