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Physics! #17: University Physics Chapter 2 Wrap-Up

TweetMotion Along a Straight Line Okay, so motion in one dimension isn’t the sexiest thing in physics. But, this is where it all starts. For better or worse, every physics textbooks starts off with mathematics. This is necessary, since physics … Continue reading

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Physics! #16: University Physics 2.6

Tweet2.6: Velocity and Position by Integration We haven’t gone over integrals in the “Calculus!” section yet. We will eventually, and I don’t want to muddle anything by attempting a 2-3 sentence explanation. So for now I’m going to treat it … Continue reading

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Discrete! #3: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 1.1C

TweetConverse, Inverse, Contrapositive! So, remember last time we talked about the conditional p→q, which is pronounced “if p, then q.” In this section, we’re going to talk about some related conditionals, called converse, inverse, and contrapositive. For the sake of … Continue reading

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Calculus! #30: Early Transcendentals 2.8C

TweetOH SHNIZZLE MORE CALCULUS. So, now that you have a rough idea of the derivative, let’s ask where it works. Or, to use  more formal language, let’s try to figure out what qualities a point needs to have for it … Continue reading

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