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Calculus! #24: Early Transcendentals 2.6A

TweetLimits at Infinity: Horizontal Asymptotes I’m gonna try to keep this section short, as I think limits at infinity are fairly intuitive. Here’s the basic idea: You already about limits where x approaches some value. A limit at infinity is … Continue reading

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Best Astronomy Meme Ever

TweetI am a genius.

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The Mathroom!

TweetIs BACK. My favorite mathrooms were the ones that were a little open-ended in terms of what equations and values you employ, but which still have answers that different people would converge on. Hopefully the wording here is clear enough … Continue reading

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Calculus! #23: Early Transcendentals 2.5C

TweetThis section’s a little more fun than the last, I think. So, here we’re talking about functions of functions and how continuity works in that realm. That is, if f is a continuous function and g is a continuous function, … Continue reading

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Calculus! #22: Early Transcendentals 2.5B

TweetI’m back, baby! Let’s dig in. The rest of 2.5 is sort of a practical tool set for dealing with continuity. This is not the most exciting stuff, but once again, ┬áit’s stuff that should be part of your working … Continue reading

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A Simple Demonstration of Flux

TweetHey geeks! Sorry for the recent dearth of blogs. I’ve been scrambling to get SMBC Book 2 prepped, and it’s sucked away most of my discretionary time. But, I’m starting to near the end of that. So, with that… A … Continue reading

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Calculus! #21: Early Transcendentals 2.5A

TweetSection 2.5: Continuity Let’s talk about continuity. Before I get into the math, I want to give you the general idea and a sense of why it matters. When you say a function is continuous at a certain point, you … Continue reading

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