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Physics! #3: University Physics 1.3

TweetSection 1.3: Standards and Units Not much for me to add here. This is basically a discussion of the fundamentality of length, mass, and time. They do put forth a fun term – “operational definition,” meaning a physical quantity that … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Free Will

TweetThoughts on Free Will I love watching Christopher Hitchens. Although we don’t agree on everything, he’s probably my favorite debater. He has the important skills: passion, eloquence, command of facts. And, he favors the Oxford debate style, where the goal … Continue reading

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Physics! #2: University Physics 1.2

TweetSection 1.2: Solving Physics Problems One of the things I love about physics is the insistence on math. I remember a while back, a person posted to /physics asking for a book that’d teach him QM without any math. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Physics! #1 – University Physics 1.1

TweetI’ve decided to call this series “Physics!” instead of science, so as to differentiate when I also study other areas concurrently. For this series, I’ll be using the new edition of the book I used in college. It is “Unversity … Continue reading

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Science! #0

TweetHey geeks! By now, you’ve probably read about the change we’re making at SMBC Theater. If not, please go give it a look. SMBC Theater has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. The one significant downside … Continue reading

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Mysogyny, Labels, Isms, et cetera

TweetHey Weinerworkers. Long time no blog. How are you? I try to use this blog only when I have ideas bubbling in my head that I want to get out so I can stop thinking about them. Well, today, I’ve … Continue reading

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