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Phantom Arm

TweetOh MAN, I had the weirdest experience last night. You know how sometimes you sleep in a strange way, then wake up and your arm has such a pinched nerve ┬áthat it no longer has any feeling? I imagine it’s … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist? #4

TweetChapter 4: SCIENCE! I realized there might be a way to have the stress of a real job without feeling like I was wasting my time: COLLEGE! But first, let’s back up a minute. I was still working my closed-captioning … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure Excerpt #1

TweetA big part of why I put the blog on hiatus was the CYOA. It’s finally starting to come together, so I think it’s only fair that I start sharing bits and pieces. This is a fairly complete “scene” from … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else? #1

TweetDoes anyone else? #1 Whenever I get a new math book, I do something I call “cigar sniffing.” In the same way a cigar fancier (I’m told) enjoys a new cigar by smelling it before smoking it, I like to … Continue reading

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