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Carl Sagan Quote

TweetOne of the strains of the Skeptic/Atheist community I really dislike is the people who conflate reserved judgment or nuanced views as signs of weakness. For example, self-proclaimed agnostics are often mocked by Atheists as cowards. It was encouraging to … Continue reading

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ScienceVille: An Idea for a Citizen Science Gaming Community

TweetScienceVille Why? It’s said so often that it’s a cliche: “If he just put as much work into his life as he does into that video game, he’d be a millionaire.” Though this notion contains some truth, we recognize it … Continue reading

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Convention Tips

TweetFunny thing – after a big convention, there’s always the same behavior among cartoonists. We, of course, talk about business, sales, atmosphere, and so on. But, a big topic of conversation is always fun/weird stories about reader encounters. The funniest … Continue reading

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A Thing or Two #1

TweetDisclaimer: The following, and all posts hereafter with this title will be populated with my philosophical ponderings. Enter at your own peril. Preface: Mesognostic Why? Of course, here I refer to the “why?” of why write this series. There will … Continue reading

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Best Spam Ever?

TweetThis’ll make up for the substantive post I did this morning: Howdy, das Metal-Shirt für Bremen ist nun fertig! Wie vor einiger Zeit angekündigt seht ihr auf der Frontseite das neue Metal4Bremen-Logo, während die Rückseite von Logos von Bremer Bands … Continue reading

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Morning Ponderings: Math, Sexism, and Behavioral Genetics

TweetI mentioned a few posts back that Steven Pinker’s book “The Blank Slate” convinced me that there probably are SOME behaviorally genetic differences between human males and human females. He cited a number of excellent examples, including very convincing work … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Zebra Puzzle

TweetI just solved this one. Took me about an hour, though I think I could now do a similar problem much more quickly. It’s from Rosen’s “Discrete Mathematics with Applications” 6th Ed. I’m curious to see if others get the … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be A Webcartoonist #6

TweetChapter 6: The Great Purge of ’08 As many fellow cartoonists probably remember, late ’08 was a bad time. A lot of people were lamenting a hard year due to the recession, which had just started in earnest. But, worst … Continue reading

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Weinersmith’s Book Club #2

TweetI’m a bit overdue for this one. I’m afraid I got somewhat behind on my reading recently, but managed to keep up an okay pace. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the dates for a few books, so they will … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist #5

TweetChapter 5: College and Comics Going back to college was awesome. The biggest thing that changed was my attitude toward math. In high school, I was literally a D student in Calculus. I still remember a friend thinking I was … Continue reading

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