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Short Story: “Nat”

TweetHey guys! This is my first attempt at short fiction for adults since I was in college. Please let me know what you think (and tell me if you find any typos). This blog is a place for me to … Continue reading

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TweetYesterday, I was talking to Kelly about an idea for a game. Here’s the idea: Invent an original game that can be explained completely and with no prior knowledge INSIDE a limerick. Yes, we are that cool. I was speculating … Continue reading

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Nerd Riddles

TweetLittle low on time to write today, but I whipped off some of my favorite things! First person to get all three correctly gets respect. Riddle 1 I haven’t a clue What time is to you I’m far too fast … Continue reading

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A Party Game: “Coalition”

TweetLongtime readers know from time to time I write simple games. I’m a big fan of the so-called “German style” of game design. Simply put: good games are simple and abstract. Bad games have cumbersome rules in a pointless attempt … Continue reading

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Marty vs. The Hacker [Guest Post by my brother, Marty]

TweetIn early October, somebody (hereafter called “Dickhead”) placed malware at the top of and It seemed likely at the time that they had come in through one of our home computers or a hacked email account since these … Continue reading

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Geek Celebrity Clerihews

TweetGeek Celebrity Clerihews: Randall Patrick Munroe Worked at NASA a few years ago Now jokes pay for his place So he has a great deal more of space Richard William Wheaton III Though once was down, was not deterred. His … Continue reading

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Another Polly Tope Story

TweetThis one might be more of a stretch, but I dashed the whole thing off in 30 minutes, so some revision is no doubt in order. Enjoy! Polly Tope and her Dad Polly Tope’s father is a physicist. One afternoon … Continue reading

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The Hack

TweetThis is really awesome. We actually managed to get VIDEO of the hacker at work. I’m a bit embarrassed to say the guy who he called was me…

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Some Productivity Tips

TweetA few people asked me how I maintain my work schedule. This is very flattering, but I can assure you I don’t work that hard. I mean, does it even count as work if I’m mostly drawing dick jokes and … Continue reading

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Dear dude who keeps hacking my sites,

TweetDear dude who keeps hacking my sites, A lot of people would take this opportunity to rant about hackers being dickheads. I’m not going to do that. It’s unproductive, and it fails to recognize the contributions hackers and ex-hackers have … Continue reading

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