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New Yorker Cartoons

TweetWhee! I removed a few files that were busted, some duplicates, and the Pandora’s overstuffed box of comics that implied anything with children. Yes, a few made me laugh, but holy crap guys! Disclaimer: I’m not claiming any rights to … Continue reading

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In Which Zach Philositates

TweetI was listening to science Friday’s discussion with Sam Harris. For those who don’t know, Sam Harris is currently pushing the idea that science can determine ethics. I suspect this is not the case, but more importantly, I found his … Continue reading

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From “Marie”

TweetInteresting, perhaps still relevant, quote from the preface to H Rider Haggard‘s Marie (1912). “To-day the flag of England flies from the Zambesi to the Cape. Beneath its shadow may all ancient feuds and blood jealousies be forgotten. May the … Continue reading

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Late Night Ponderings

TweetKelly is about to fly off to do research a week, so we were out having a nice dinner downtown. We had an interesting conversation in which we reached a cute conclusion. Here’s the logic: 1) Wherever you have self-replicating … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist? Part 3

TweetChapter 3: The New Beginning Although I was still working for the most evil man who ever lived, I was suddenly enjoying life a LOT more. I was up late and up early in order to do comics while working … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure

TweetAs a few of you may know, I’m writing a Choose Your Own Adventure book due out next year. This is going to be a “gamebook” in the tradition of the Lone Wolf books by Joe Dever. I may not … Continue reading

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The Mathroom update

TweetRemember The Mathroom? If not, check it out. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly. No, the site won’t be coming back. BUT, we’re working on a book. A few weeks ago Marty, whose friends are all massive dorks, mentioned several … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist? Part 2

TweetAuthor’s note: This one doesn’t have a huge amount of comicking, since it covers a period where I didn’t do very much. But, hopefully it’s still fun to read and sets up what’s to come. *** Chapter 2: Zach Goes … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist?

TweetSo You Want to Be A Webcartoonist: Preface I tweeted to gauge the interest in a post on this topic and was surprised to find quite a few people responded positively. This was great, except that it meant I’d actually … Continue reading

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Scientist Clarihews

TweetLearning a lot of middle names this way… James Clerk Maxwell Said “let there be light” and described it as well At first he’d written many more God said “Let there be Heaviside,” and there were four Edwin Powell Hubble … Continue reading

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