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My Rapping Career

TweetSo, thanks to my manager, Mark Saffian, I’ve gotten to meet a number of popular nerdcore rappers. In particular, MC Lars, YTCracker, MC Frontalot, and the less well known but still awesome Random. Then, we started doing SMBC Theater, and … Continue reading

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Some Children’s Doggerel

TweetSince the last post went over fairly well, here’s another thing for kids. I wrote this about seven years ago (holy crap), and did some touching up recently. Now and then I feel like writing in verse. I know the … Continue reading

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TweetMost cartoonists eventually try their hands at writing children’s books. I’m not sure why this should be, other than that cartoonists happen to have the requisite skills of children’s writing. Specifically, we’re just okay at writing, just okay at art, … Continue reading

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Random Thought

TweetGeek that I am, I’m a big fan of the Allan Quatermain books by H. Rider Haggard. While walking home yesterday, it occurred to me that if you flip the R and E, you get Quatremain, which (loosely translated) in … Continue reading

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The Haircut

TweetEvery 2 or 2.5 years I get my hair cut and donated to Locks of Love. This year it got a little longer than usual for the sake of an SMBC Theater sketch that needed continuity. ENJOY MY HORROR!

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Welcome… to The Weinerworks

TweetHey geeks– welcome to the new site. It has two purposes: First, it’ll be a hub for new stuff by me. In the next few years, I’ll be doing more and more non-SMBC projects. As such, I wanted to create … Continue reading

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