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Responding to Creationists

TweetSometimes, when I hear debates, I imagine how I would’ve liked to respond. Of course, in my head, I’m very fluent and never interrupted. Still, it occurred to me that some of these thoughts might be of interest to my … Continue reading

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Physics! #3: University Physics 1.3

TweetSection 1.3: Standards and Units Not much for me to add here. This is basically a discussion of the fundamentality of length, mass, and time. They do put forth a fun term – “operational definition,” meaning a physical quantity that … Continue reading

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Science! #0

TweetHey geeks! By now, you’ve probably read about the change we’re making at SMBC Theater. If not, please go give it a look. SMBC Theater has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. The one significant downside … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Webcartoonist? #4

TweetChapter 4: SCIENCE! I realized there might be a way to have the stress of a real job without feeling like I was wasting my time: COLLEGE! But first, let’s back up a minute. I was still working my closed-captioning … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else? #1

TweetDoes anyone else? #1 Whenever I get a new math book, I do something I call “cigar sniffing.” In the same way a cigar fancier (I’m told) enjoys a new cigar by smelling it before smoking it, I like to … Continue reading

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Late Night Ponderings

TweetKelly is about to fly off to do research a week, so we were out having a nice dinner downtown. We had an interesting conversation in which we reached a cute conclusion. Here’s the logic: 1) Wherever you have self-replicating … Continue reading

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Scientist Clarihews

TweetLearning a lot of middle names this way… James Clerk Maxwell Said “let there be light” and described it as well At first he’d written many more God said “Let there be Heaviside,” and there were four Edwin Powell Hubble … Continue reading

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Nerd Riddles

TweetLittle low on time to write today, but I whipped off some of my favorite things! First person to get all three correctly gets respect. Riddle 1 I haven’t a clue What time is to you I’m far too fast … Continue reading

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