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Terrible Boardgame Idea

TweetMonopsony All property cards are doled out at the beginning. They represent local industries. Every turn you gain 100 dollars in revenue. For every property you have, every turn you lose x dollars in labor costs to all other players. … Continue reading

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Professor Liar: A Parlor Game Idea

TweetProfessor Liar     General Professor Liar is a traditional parlor game in that it mostly just requires your brains. It can also be done as an improv game without the point system, but what’s the point of a game … Continue reading

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ScienceVille: An Idea for a Citizen Science Gaming Community

TweetScienceVille Why? It’s said so often that it’s a cliche: “If he just put as much work into his life as he does into that video game, he’d be a millionaire.” Though this notion contains some truth, we recognize it … Continue reading

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TweetYesterday, I was talking to Kelly about an idea for a game. Here’s the idea: Invent an original game that can be explained completely and with no prior knowledge INSIDE a limerick. Yes, we are that cool. I was speculating … Continue reading

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A Party Game: “Coalition”

TweetLongtime readers know from time to time I write simple games. I’m a big fan of the so-called “German style” of game design. Simply put: good games are simple and abstract. Bad games have cumbersome rules in a pointless attempt … Continue reading

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