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Kids’ Poem

TweetHave this vague idea to make a book of stuff like this. Would you buy it? The Twin Paradox My twin who’s named Bob Built a great big red ship That could fly into space With incredible zip   He … Continue reading

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TweetDunbar beat me to today’s joke by 100 years! “Then and Now” THEN He loved her, and through many years, Had paid his fair devoted court, Until she wearied, and with sneers Turned all his ardent love to sport. That … Continue reading

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Christmas Isn’t What it Used to Be

TweetIt’s funny how people complain about the loss of the timeless phrase “Merry Christmas.” Here’s a poem from the early 20th century decrying the use of the phrase when it was more novel! “Speakin’ O’ Christmas” by Paul Laurence Dunbar … Continue reading

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Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar

TweetDunbar’s a bit stilted for my taste, though when he confirms my biases I waver in that judgment. “Religion” (1913) I am no priest of crooks nor creeds, For human wants and human needs Are more to me than prophets’ … Continue reading

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Three Original Senryu

Tweet(ref) “Monogamy gene? How’s junior’s genome have it If yours and mine don’t?” “Kilt your son,” He says. “Are you completely insane?” He glowers at Abe. “Why do Bobby’s pants Smell like old lady?” asks Mom. “And where’s my lotion?” … Continue reading

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An Old Joke

TweetDork that I am, I was enjoying an excellent book on senryu today, called “Light Verse from the Floating World.” The short version of senryu is that they’re haikus as we in the west think of them, but are closer … Continue reading

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A Poem Describing Limericks

TweetWOOF. The month of madness is over and updates should resume shortly. Meantime, enjoy this poem:   A lim’rick’s three lines, rhyming trimeter And on lines 3 and 4 rhyming dimeter The di’s are iambic The tri’s anapestic Your dick … Continue reading

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Quote from Oxford Book of Ballads (1910)

TweetI was at a wedding in Massachusetts a while back, and a local old library was having a book sale. I happened to have pick this book up, and have been enjoying it thoroughly. I’m in a section of the … Continue reading

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Scientist Clarihews

TweetLearning a lot of middle names this way… James Clerk Maxwell Said “let there be light” and described it as well At first he’d written many more God said “Let there be Heaviside,” and there were four Edwin Powell Hubble … Continue reading

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TweetYesterday, I was talking to Kelly about an idea for a game. Here’s the idea: Invent an original game that can be explained completely and with no prior knowledge INSIDE a limerick. Yes, we are that cool. I was speculating … Continue reading

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