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In Which I Solve Healthcare

TweetI try not to get into my own politics to much, mostly because (a) I like having a broad audience that isn’t angry at me about something and (b) because by nature I’m uncertain about pretty much everything softer than … Continue reading

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The Ass-Wiping Paradox: A Contribution to Public Choice Theory

TweetI call it the Ass-Wiping Paradox. Suppose C is the cost of wiping one’s ass. Suppose D is the likelihood of getting a disease from not wiping one’s ass and A is the cost of the disease. Suppose O is … Continue reading

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Terrible Boardgame Idea

TweetMonopsony All property cards are doled out at the beginning. They represent local industries. Every turn you gain 100 dollars in revenue. For every property you have, every turn you lose x dollars in labor costs to all other players. … Continue reading

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On Soda and Bad Behavior

TweetA few years ago, there was a somewhat famous article about a bagel man who sold bagels on the honor system. You can read it here. For this essay, here’s the salient quote: “He also says he believes that … Continue reading

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On Evolution and Rent Control

TweetOne of the common refrains we hear from creationists is that schools ought to “teach the controversy.” This is an excellent talking point, in that it manages to cast people who wish to teach science as having a dogmatic (i.e. … Continue reading

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