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Ice Spike Sundial

TweetI like sundials. I like ice. I like mechanisms, in the sense of simple arrangements of parts that produce clever results without human intervention. I had an idea that combines all these. I spent about a month fiddling with it, … Continue reading

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Professor Liar: A Parlor Game Idea

TweetProfessor Liar     General Professor Liar is a traditional parlor game in that it mostly just requires your brains. It can also be done as an improv game without the point system, but what’s the point of a game … Continue reading

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An Artificial One-Liner Generator

Tweet(The following is an idea I’ve been mulling over and talking to friends about for a few months. I thought I’d finally share it to see if anyone liked it or was interested in working on it.) Warning: Evo psych … Continue reading

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ScienceVille: An Idea for a Citizen Science Gaming Community

TweetScienceVille Why? It’s said so often that it’s a cliche: “If he just put as much work into his life as he does into that video game, he’d be a millionaire.” Though this notion contains some truth, we recognize it … Continue reading

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