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Some Thoughts on Free Will

TweetThoughts on Free Will I love watching Christopher Hitchens. Although we don’t agree on everything, he’s probably my favorite debater. He has the important skills: passion, eloquence, command of facts. And, he favors the Oxford debate style, where the goal … Continue reading

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Mid-day Ramblings: War and Ethics

Tweet Do you remember a time you were in an ethics class and were given a “Sophie’s Choice?” That is, a choice between two things that are so horrible that a good choice is impossible. Common versions are “kill this … Continue reading

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A Thing or Two #1

TweetDisclaimer: The following, and all posts hereafter with this title will be populated with my philosophical ponderings. Enter at your own peril. Preface: Mesognostic Why? Of course, here I refer to the “why?” of why write this series. There will … Continue reading

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In Which Zach Philositates

TweetI was listening to science Friday’s discussion with Sam Harris. For those who don’t know, Sam Harris is currently pushing the idea that science can determine ethics. I suspect this is not the case, but more importantly, I found his … Continue reading

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