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Quote from The Pickwick Papers by Dickens

Tweet‘One cheer more,’ screamed the little fugleman in the balcony, and out shouted the mob again, as if lungs were cast-iron, with steel works. ‘Slumkey for ever!’ roared the honest and independent. ‘Slumkey for ever!’ echoed Mr. Pickwick, taking off … Continue reading

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1889 Speculation on Future of Music

TweetThe conversation is between a man from 1887 and a woman of 2000. Taken from Edward Bellamy’s 1889 Novel, “Looking Backward 2000-1887.” “Please look at to-day’s music,” she said, handing me a card, “and tell me what you would prefer. It is … Continue reading

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Robert Nisbet Quote

TweetFrom “Twilight of Authority” (1975) “I am afraid that the only lessons that have been truly learned in the whole Watergate business are to avoid such idiocies as tapes and illegal, unwarranted break-ins, and to restrict the operation of the … Continue reading

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Hunter S Thompson on Experts

TweetPerfect. One of the few consistent traits shared by “experts” in any field is that they will almost never bet money on anything else that might turn up in public or whatever they call their convictions. That is why they … Continue reading

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A Mark Twain Passage in Honor of the Anniversary of Christopher Hitchens’ Death

TweetFrom “Letters from the Earth,” which you should read, asshole. Letter VII Noah and his family were saved — if that could be called an advantage. I throw in the if for the reason that there has never been an … Continue reading

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Quote from Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

TweetIt must have been three days after the Barcelona fighting ended that we returned to the front. After the fighting–more particularly after the slanging-match in the newspapers–it was difficult to think about this war in quite the same naively idealistic manner as before. … Continue reading

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A Favorite Chesterton Quote

TweetNicely threads the needle, as he often does. This is from “What I Saw in America” Travel ought to combine amusement with instruction; but most travellers are so much amused that they refuse to be instructed. I do not blame … Continue reading

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Quote from G.K. Chesterton’s “The Napoleon of Notting Hill”

TweetThis would apply rather nicely to people predicting the future of China today. All these clever men were prophesying with every variety of ingenuity what would happen soon, and they all did it in the same way, by taking something … Continue reading

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Quote from “War as I knew It”

TweetHoughton Mifflin Edition, page 328, middle of page: “Originally the gyrations taught the horses were of military importance. That is, the courbette, or half-rear, was for the purpose of letting the horse come down at the same time that the … Continue reading

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Prologue to Steinbeck’s “Sweet Thursday”

TweetOne of the best opening sections ever. Some good writing advice in here. One night Mack lay back on his bed in the Palace Flop house and he said, “I ain’t never been satisfied with that book Cannery Row. I … Continue reading

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