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The Higgs Field Fallacy

TweetA little while ago, I did a comic in which the joke was a lady saying something like “if you don’t agree that math is gender neutral, you will be!” while brandishing a knife. Interestingly, this got some trans advocacy … Continue reading

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Morning Ponderings: Math, Sexism, and Behavioral Genetics

TweetI mentioned a few posts back that Steven Pinker’s book “The Blank Slate” convinced me that there probably are SOME behaviorally genetic differences between human males and human females. He cited a number of excellent examples, including very convincing work … Continue reading

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In Which Zach Philositates

TweetI was listening to science Friday’s discussion with Sam Harris. For those who don’t know, Sam Harris is currently pushing the idea that science can determine ethics. I suspect this is not the case, but more importantly, I found his … Continue reading

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Late Night Ponderings

TweetKelly is about to fly off to do research a week, so we were out having a nice dinner downtown. We had an interesting conversation in which we reached a cute conclusion. Here’s the logic: 1) Wherever you have self-replicating … Continue reading

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