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An Old Joke

TweetDork that I am, I was enjoying an excellent book on senryu today, called “Light Verse from the Floating World.” The short version of senryu is that they’re haikus as we in the west think of them, but are closer … Continue reading

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Quote from “War as I knew It”

TweetHoughton Mifflin Edition, page 328, middle of page: “Originally the gyrations taught the horses were of military importance. That is, the courbette, or half-rear, was for the purpose of letting the horse come down at the same time that the … Continue reading

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More “Death in the Afternoon”

TweetSomeone should write a history of literary smack talk. I suggest the title “From Pope to ‘Pac” Madame, no decision is irrevocable, but as age comes on I feel I must devote myself more and more to the practice of … Continue reading

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“Death in the Afternoon”

TweetA great quote from Hemingway: “This too remember. If a man writes clearly enough anyone can see if he fakes. If he mystifies to avoid a straight statement, which is very different from breaking so-called rules of syntax or grammar … Continue reading

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Weinersmith’s Book Club, Part 3

TweetJan 3 – Up From Slavery (Washington) Rating: 4/5 It’s a little hard to rate this book, since it’s of historical importance, so consider the 4/5 as an indication purely of how enjoyable a read it was. For those who … Continue reading

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From “Marie”

TweetInteresting, perhaps still relevant, quote from the preface to H Rider Haggard‘s Marie (1912). “To-day the flag of England flies from the Zambesi to the Cape. Beneath its shadow may all ancient feuds and blood jealousies be forgotten. May the … Continue reading

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