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Calculus! #37: Early Transcendentals 3.5A

TweetSection 3.5: Implicit Differentiation WOOP! Implicit differentation is actually one of the concepts that got me into the idea of textblogging. It’s something that completely baffled me the first time around because I didn’t really understand what a derivative was. … Continue reading

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Calculus! #36: Early Transcendentals 3.4B

TweetSo, now that you understand the chain rule, you can rederive some of the tricks you’ve already learned. The book gives a very cute proof of the fact that . But screw that, we’re onto bigger game. Let’s prove the … Continue reading

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The Mathroom!

TweetIs BACK. My favorite mathrooms were the ones that were a little open-ended in terms of what equations and values you employ, but which still have answers that different people would converge on. Hopefully the wording here is clear enough … Continue reading

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Physics! #3: University Physics 1.3

TweetSection 1.3: Standards and Units Not much for me to add here. This is basically a discussion of the fundamentality of length, mass, and time. They do put forth a fun term – “operational definition,” meaning a physical quantity that … Continue reading

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Mid-day Ramblings: War and Ethics

Tweet Do you remember a time you were in an ethics class and were given a “Sophie’s Choice?” That is, a choice between two things that are so horrible that a good choice is impossible. Common versions are “kill this … Continue reading

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Discrete Math Glossary

TweetI’ve been getting bogged down in discrete lately, trying to keep up with all the concepts. The tricky thing is this: while most of the concepts are easy to understand, the nuances can trip you up when you’re dealing with … Continue reading

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Weinersmith’s Book Club, Part 3

TweetJan 3 – Up From Slavery (Washington) Rating: 4/5 It’s a little hard to rate this book, since it’s of historical importance, so consider the 4/5 as an indication purely of how enjoyable a read it was. For those who … Continue reading

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Morning Ponderings: Math, Sexism, and Behavioral Genetics

TweetI mentioned a few posts back that Steven Pinker’s book “The Blank Slate” convinced me that there probably are SOME behaviorally genetic differences between human males and human females. He cited a number of excellent examples, including very convincing work … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Zebra Puzzle

TweetI just solved this one. Took me about an hour, though I think I could now do a similar problem much more quickly. It’s from Rosen’s “Discrete Mathematics with Applications” 6th Ed. I’m curious to see if others get the … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else? #1

TweetDoes anyone else? #1 Whenever I get a new math book, I do something I call “cigar sniffing.” In the same way a cigar fancier (I’m told) enjoys a new cigar by smelling it before smoking it, I like to … Continue reading

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