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Ice Spike Sundial

TweetI like sundials. I like ice. I like mechanisms, in the sense of simple arrangements of parts that produce clever results without human intervention. I had an idea that combines all these. I spent about a month fiddling with it, … Continue reading

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Quote from The Pickwick Papers by Dickens

Tweet‘One cheer more,’ screamed the little fugleman in the balcony, and out shouted the mob again, as if lungs were cast-iron, with steel works. ‘Slumkey for ever!’ roared the honest and independent. ‘Slumkey for ever!’ echoed Mr. Pickwick, taking off … Continue reading

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Introduction to Electrodynamics, Griffiths, 3rd Edition, Section 1.1.5

TweetSection 1.1.5: How Vectors Transform STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I am not a physicist. I do jokes about physics and then people vastly overestimate my level of knowledge. Years ago, I was studying to get a BS in physics, but dropped out … Continue reading

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1889 Speculation on Future of Music

TweetThe conversation is between a man from 1887 and a woman of 2000. Taken from Edward Bellamy’s 1889 Novel, “Looking Backward 2000-1887.” “Please look at to-day’s music,” she said, handing me a card, “and tell me what you would prefer. It is … Continue reading

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Bringing Back Physics Posts

TweetAfter a bit of thought, I’ve decided I’m going to try to bring back the physics posts. I will be going through Griffiths, Intro to Electrodynamics, 2nd Edition. I will be trying to update every day, but we’ll see what … Continue reading

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In Which I Solve Healthcare

TweetI try not to get into my own politics to much, mostly because (a) I like having a broad audience that isn’t angry at me about something and (b) because by nature I’m uncertain about pretty much everything softer than … Continue reading

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The Ass-Wiping Paradox: A Contribution to Public Choice Theory

TweetI call it the Ass-Wiping Paradox. Suppose C is the cost of wiping one’s ass. Suppose D is the likelihood of getting a disease from not wiping one’s ass and A is the cost of the disease. Suppose O is … Continue reading

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Rejected Ideas

TweetSometimes people ask me “What’s your process?” which I usually take to mean something like “how do you get ideas.” My general theory of ideas is that good ones are impossible to generate. Or at least, they’re impossible to generate … Continue reading

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Kids’ Poem

TweetHave this vague idea to make a book of stuff like this. Would you buy it? The Twin Paradox My twin who’s named Bob Built a great big red ship That could fly into space With incredible zip   He … Continue reading

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Weinersmith’s Book Club #7

TweetDamn, I really need to start doing this monthly so it can be done with more care. Here will be my rating system: A: Wonderful. B: Solid Work C: Not to my taste D: Very much not to my taste … Continue reading

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